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3 Countertenors Celebrate Purcell
A project directed by Steve Bryant, Sweet Corn Productions

Concert Program

Dean Suess   ||   Steve Bryant   ||   David Stutz
photo: Demian                  
Steve Bryant, countertenor
Dean Suess, countertenor
David Stutz, countertenor/baritone
Byron Schenkman, harpsichord
Sarah Freiberg, Baroque cello
David Ohannesian, Baroque recorder
Charles Coldwell, Baroque recorder

Sound the Trumpet (1694)
       Bryant, Suess, continuo
John Blow
Ode on the Death of Henry Purcell (1696)
       Bryant, Stutz, recorders, continuo
Purcell Dialogue Between Coridon and Mopsa
from the Fairy Queen (1692)
       Suess, Stutz, continuo
Blow Cloe Found Amintas Lying All in Tears
       Bryant, Suess, Stutz, continuo
Purcell Triumph Victorious Love
from Dioclesian (1690)
       Bryant, Suess, Stutz, continuo
ó Intermission ó
Purcell Strike the Viol
from Come, Ye Sons of Art, Away (1694)
       Suess, recorders, continuo
Purcell One Charming Night
from the Fairy Queen (1692)
       Suess, recorders, continuo
Purcell From Rosy Bowers
from Don Quixote, Part III (1695)
       Bryant, continuo
Blow Ah heavín! What isít I hear?
       Stutz, Suess, continuo
Purcell Hosannah to the Highest
       Stutz, Suess, Bryant, continuo
Eduardo di Capua O sole mio
       Bryant, Suess, Stutz, recorders, continuo

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