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This is an archive of the ASIFA-Seattle Web site,
for which Demian was the Webmaster from 2002 to June 2008.
Demian also edited the text and retouched the photos.

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ASIFA is a worldwide organization of professional animators and those involved with the production of animated films (such as directors, producers, musicians, and traditional artists). It was founded in Annecy (France) in 1960 by some of the most famous animators of that time, such as Norman McLaren and others.

The name ASIFA is rooted in its French origins, and stands for:

ASsociation ...AS
Internationale ... I
d'Film ... F
d'Animation ... A
(International Animated Film Association)

Today, with over 30 chapters around the world, ASIFA remains a network for all disciplines of animation: traditional 2D, experimental, stop-motion, computer-based 3D animation, and beyond!

As most animators know, animation is one of the most rewarding and unique forms of expression. Often, it is a solitary process of seemingly slow and small refinement that few people can relate to. Through ASIFA, we hope to keep you aware of animation events, lectures, workshops and screenings and other opportunities that are in our community.

We are a volunteer-based organization funded by annual membership dues and donations. The goal is to allow animators to connect with, learn and grow from the best and most inspiring artists. The more resources and events that we create as members of ASIFA, the more we can all improve our art and craft.

The History of ASIFA-Seattle

Originally, the ASIFA chapter in the Northwest region of the United States was comprised of Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver B.C. and the cities in between. Collectively, we were known "ASIFA-Northwest" and was founded by Joanna Priestley and friends.

During the mid-2000's, our president of the ASIFA-Northwest was Wendy Jackson-Hall. She organized many events and workshops in the region. Sadly, in 2005, Wendy passed away. [See: Wendy Jackson-Hall Obit] The ASIFA-Northwest no longer had a vital thread to connect the various cities.

In early 2006, members from the Northwest region came together in Olympia, Washington to discuss ASIFA-NW's future. We decided as a group that it would be best to manage local ASIFA events as separate chapters as opposed to a single region. From that meeting, ASIFA-Seattle and ASIFA-Portland were born. [See: Restructure Meeting Report]

United in spirit, the two chapters elected their new officers. The new president of ASIFA-Portland became Brian Larson, head of Kerplunk studios, along with Amy Collen as vice president (who was also a former president of ASIFA-NW). Along with other dedicated Portland animators, they quickly organized ASIFA-related social events and screenings.

In April of 2007, the Seattle chapter decided to regroup. The Seattle officers consisted of Natt Thangvijit as president, along with David Roomes (membership chair), Steve Ball (newsletter editor), and Demian (Web editor and programmer). [See: The Officers] They decided to focus on creating a new website, and are currently laying the ground work for future events and increased membership activities.

We maintain close ties to the Portland chapter, and feel lucky to know such talented neighbors!