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This is an archive of the ASIFA-Seattle Web site,
for which Demian was the Webmaster from 2002 to June 2008.
Demian also edited the text and retouched the photos.

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ASIFA-Seattle Membership Form

The ASIFA-Seattle Officers

Natt Thangvijit

Natt Thangvijit is the Director of Animation and Graphics at Headsprout, an online company teaching kids aged 4 to 7 how to read. For over 7 years, he has played an instrumental role in developing the creative aspects of Flash animation, printed books, website design and other projects with his team of talented artists.

He has been actively involved with rebuilding the ASIFA-Seattle chapter. Before ASIFA-NW chapters split into ASIFA-Seattle and ASIFA-Portland, he coordinated several ASIFA-NW events within the Seattle area.

David Roomes
Membership Chair

David came to ASIFA a few years back, and immediately demonstrated his desire to connect animators in the Northwest. After the initial chapters split, he tracked down old membership lists and revised them so they were up-to-date.

He is currently working on several short films with the production company "Bad Alien Productions", which he co-founded with a friend, Bob Freeman.

Steve Ball
Secretary, Events & Newsletter Editor

Steve has been involved with the Seattle-based events for many years. He sends out the email news updates, and helped with ASIFA-NW's printed newsletter. He actively seeks out new events and venues for future ASIFA events and is dedicated to helping out at these events. Recently, he conducted the member surveys to find out what events would interest our members the most.

Steve is a classically trained animator with experience in clay and fond memories of an Oxberry animation stand, he now works in 2D and 3D digital animation, and creates web graphics using Flash and Photoshop.


Since 2002, Demian has been the webmaster and editor of the ASIFA-Northwest website. He has dilligently maintained an archive of articles by other ASIFA members.

Outside of ASIFA, Demian is actively involved with puppetry. Largely self-taught in theater, film, and video, Demian has a Doctorate and Masters in Education, and a Bachelor in Fine Arts.


Currently, we need the following volunteer positions for our organization:

Treasurer (currently being filled by Natt Thangvijit)
Duties include;
Reimbursing members for approved expenses
Organizing payments to venues for rentals, facilities, etc.
Tracking expenses related to promotion

Events Planner
Duties include;
Planning events such as screenings, symposiums, lectures, and workshops
Coordinating with local venues and organizations for events
Arranging shipment and return of event materials (such as DVDs, videotapes, props, etc.)

Promotional Coordinator
Duties include;
Coordinating the promotion of events (placing ads in local papers, etc.)
Contacting local papers with news blurbs of upcoming events

Education Coordinator
Duties include;
Coordinating and scheduling technique demos, workshops and classes taught by members, guest lecuturers and visiting artists. The Education Coordinator would also be ASIFA Seattle's liason between local animators, aspiring students, and local animation schools.

For now, our Events Planner would do the duties of the Promotional Coordinator until that position is filled. In the interim, all of the officers will pitch in various capacities to help us grow. Contact us if you're interested in a volunteer officer position.