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This is an archive of the ASIFA-Seattle Web site,
for which Demian was the Webmaster from 2002 to June 2008.
Demian also edited the text and retouched the photos.

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Restructure Meeting Report

March 19, 2006, Evergreen College
Article updated May 22, 2006 and June 12, 2007
Report and photos © 2007, Demian

Matt Rodriguez, Natt Thangvijit, Shawna Lee, Bob Freeman, David M. Roomes, Brian Larson, Steve Ball, Amy Collen
Suzanne Kaufman, Teresa Drilling, Mike McKinney, Demian, Ruth Hayes
Utilizing consensus process, the gang of 13 — members and officers of ASIFA-NW — forged a new configuration. Formerly covering all the northwest area, ASIFA-NW will be split into into separate Seattle and Portland chapters to better manage resources. There will continue to be ongoing cooperative news and events.

Agreement was also reached to share mailing lists, plan joint or nearly simultaneous events, and honor membership discounts for each other’s events.

For volunteer opportunities, contact the chapter directors via e-mail by clicking on their names.


President: Natt Thangvijit

Membership: David M. Roomes

Newsletter/Survey: Steve Ball

Web Editor/Programmer: Demian

Positions as yet unfilled:
Volunteer Coordinator
Event Coordinator


Director: Brian Larson

Assist. Director/Treasurer: Amy Collen

Positions as yet unfilled:
Web Editor/Programmer
Volunteer Coordinator
Event Coordinator

Also at the Meeting

Our Gracious Host: Ruth Hayes

Suzanne Kaufman served briefly as ASIFA-Seattle treasurer

Mike McKinney

Teresa Drilling

Bob Freeman, Shawna Lee

Matt Rodriguez briefly was
ASIFA-Seattle director

The Mug Shot
The lineup for our still photo op. See what happens when the wrong camera button is activated:
Click Here for a Moving Experience