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This is an archive of the ASIFA-Seattle Web site,
for which Demian was the Webmaster from 2002 to June 2008.
Demian also edited the text and retouched the photos.

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ASIFA Seattle Members’ Biographies

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Heather Achey (site no longer active)

Cartoonist, animator, sculptor. Created various projects for laser light shows in the Pacific Science Center and in Las Vegas. Designer and sculptor of Chinese Dragon statues that adorn the light poles of Seattle’s International District (Chinatown). Freelance hopefull, eager to work on projects and artwork for the love of it.
Kathryn Ault
Kathryn is a full-time instructor in the Animation program at the Art Institute of Seattle.
Ron Austin

Ron teaches at Bellevue Community College.
Ken Baer
Ken works at the Vancouver, Washington-based Hash Inc., makers of Animation:Master software.
Steve Baggs
Steve has a BFA in Multimedia Design from the University of Ohio. I draw comics, story boards and animation. My film “Osama Claus” was featured in the 2002 Spike and Mike Festival.
Jason Baldwin
I am a computer animator specializing in character modeling. I try to emphasize proper anatomy and spend a lot of time figure drawing.
Georgia Ball
Georgia Ball is a designer and Flash animator who has worked for IBM, Microsoft and the Cartoon Network. Her work is still seen on the Cartoon Network in advertising that uses characters such as the “Power Puff Girls,” “Muttley,” and “Ed, Edd & Eddie.” Much of her recent professional work has been in Web site design, e-learning and online advertising.

Her husband, Scott, is a traditional animator, character designer and inker, with a similar background. They collaborate on “Scooter and Ferret”, an online comic strip and book. It follows the determined struggles of an aspiring cartoonist/animator that just happens to be a ferret. The “Scooter and Ferret” Web site includes the strip, Flash games, and Web cartoons. Both are graduates of Savannah College of Art and Design.

Steve Ball
I work mostly in After Effects and 3D animation, but have made a couple of clay, stop-action films. My day job is working with props and sets for Television and Film.
C J Beaman
2186 NW Glisan, #27, PDX, OR 97210
C J studies film and animation at NWFC and PNCA, and has moved out into the world of freelance production. Her favorite forms to tell stories include using music, 2-D compositing, stop motion, manipulating cut outs, and most any filmed objects. Her experimental endeavors include editing found footage compiled with her photographs and drawings, and she loves scraping, etching, painting on film, and animating pieces set to interpretive music.
Nicole Berg
Nicole teaches at the Art Institute of Portland.
Earl Bergquist

David Boltz

After many years of enjoying animation, science fiction and fantasy, I enrolled in the animation program at the Art Institute of Portland to learn the skills necessary to contribute to the craft I love.
Thanh Branigan
I am 12 years old, almost 13 [as of January 2008], and attend middle school in Seattle. I like skateboarding, snowboarding, and have become interested in clay animation. My mom has encouraged me a lot, and was responsible for recruiting animator and director Borivoj Dovnikovic-Bordo (Croatian) for a North American retrospective and tour several years ago. Bordo produced “Krek” (1968), “The Flower Lovers” (1970) and “One Day in Life” (1982).
Leo Brodie
Leo is a former puppeteer and owner of Punch & Brodie Puppet Productions, he is currently learning animation with a focus on traditional 2D technique. Leo graduated from UCLA with a degree in Theatre Arts and has performed in improvisational comedy troupes. Other interests include writing and songwriting. An accomplished Web developer, Leo has extensive experience with Macromedia Flash. He is employed full-time in the computer industry.
Margery Brown
Electronic media producer and an adjunct member of the faculty at Evergreen State College.
Matthew Brunner
I graduated from the Viz Lab at Texas A&M with a masters degree in visualization (computer animation, digital cinema) and then started the computer animation department at Will Vinton Studios in Portland, Oregon. I grew our staff to about 30, and then started directing commercials in computer and stop-motion animation. Three years ago, I began directing movies, animation, script and continuity for FASA’s games (XBOX) at Microsoft. In November 2003, I finished “Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge.”
Ronnie Bugay

Mike Chokran

Mike is a 3D animator who teaches Maya and Stop Motion animation at the Art Institute of Seattle. His latest short, “Cow Amusement Park Ride Operator,” has been selected for inclusion in the Rome International Film Festival. He is currently working on a new short starring Space Horse.
Jo Claxton
2D Animator

Webster Colcord
animator, director

Webster was a founding member of ASIFA Northwest, and was actively involved in event planning, 1993-1997. He currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area and makes his living doing computer animation, and actively pursues personal work in stop-motion, and cel animation. Webster has worked for various studios including Disney, Fox, Warner Bros., Electronic Arts, and from 1997-2002 at PDI/ Dreamworks in Palo Alto, California. Webster’s feature animation credits include “James and the Giant Peach,” “Antz,” “Monkeybone,” “Evolution,” “Minority Report,” and “Matrix Revolutions.”
Amy Collen
art director, production manager
Happy Trails Animation
503-590-7377; fax 503-590-7111; 11900 SW 116th Ave., Portland, OR 97223
While earning her BFA in painting from the Pacific Northwest College of Art, Amy realized her fascination with the moving image. After apprenticing with world-renowned animator Joanna Priestley, Amy taught traditional and experimental animation to young people through the “Filmmakers in Schools” program. She also spent several years working as an independent contractor on commercial projects such as the Texas Lottery, Nike ACG, Fanta, Blueberry Pop Tarts, and Sesame Street.

After eight years experience in the industry, Amy opened the the award-winning Happy Trails Animation studio with husband and co-animator, Andy Collen. Their aim is to provide clients with dynamic, cost-effective animation that displays originality, and a respect for the art of animation.

Andrew T. Collen
producer, director
Happy Trails Animation
503-590-7377; fax 503-590-7111; 11900 SW 116th Ave., Portland, OR 97223
After an apprenticeship with master animator Tom Arndt (Merlin’s Hammer Studio), Andy worked for ten years with such notables as Will Vinton (California Raisins), and photo cut-out pioneer Blashfield & Associates (Tears for Fears’ “Sowing the Seeds of Love,” and Michael Jackson’s “Leave Me Alone.”).

Utilizing his extensive background in mixed-media animation, and sophisticated computer technology, Andy opened Happy Trails Animation in 1993 with his wife Amy. They produce animation that features innovative styles and techniques for commercials, independent film, and the short films of Happy Trails Animation.

Sweet Corn Productions
demian@buddybuddy.c om
206-935-1206; Box 9685, Seattle, WA 98109

Over the years, Demian has animated objects, cut paper, people, as well as frame-by-frame drawings on paper. Puppetry has been a recurring motif in his live theater work, having created and worked with marionettes, hand, and rod figures. Demian has been a photographer and filmmaker since 1965. His photographic specialties has been using a candid approach to portraits and nudes, extreme close-up nature work, as well as stereoscopic photography.

Largely self-taught in theater, film, and video, Demian has a Doctorate and Masters in Education, and a Bachelor in Fine Arts. He taught theater, photography, and filmmaking in many workshops, and at the University of Massachusetts. These days, Demian uses digital still and video gear, and works extensively on computers for retouching and printing stills, for video editing using MiniDV (Sony DVcam), as well as programming Web sites. He was been editor and programmer for the ASIFA Seattle Web site since 2002. Demian is a writer and has also script doctored other writer’s screenplays.

= The following titles are Demian’s film, video, and theater projects that use animation or puppets:
      “LEGGO” (pixilation technique - available on DVD)
      “Gertie Takes a Trip to the Moon and a Man Recycles”
            (frame-by-frame on paper - available on DVD)
      “UBU” (puppets)
      “Once Upon a Mattress” (puppets created for show opener)
      “The Voice of an Angel: A Castrato Remembers” (puppet created for a song)
      “Director’s Commentary” (some masks and a bit of animation)

= The following is currently in production:
      “Scaredy-Kate & the Monsters -or- How to Pay the Rent” (a marionette opera)
            [This project is seeking a set designer/builder —
            either physical models or CGI to composite with the puppets.]

Laura Di Trapani
Glow-in-the-Dark-Pictures LLC
11055 NW Cornell Rd., Portland Oregon 97229
From independent films to commercials to TV animated sitcoms, Laura Di Trapani’s award-winning work in animation has been diverse and successful. Previous films of hers have been shown in numerous Film Festivals including Annecy, Black Maria, Hiroshima and Sundance. With her studio, Film Di Trapani, she has garnered numerous Telly Awards for her work in advertising, and an Emmy for her work on Public Broadcasting’s Sesame Street program.

As the Head PhotoShop Artist for Will Vinton Studios’ network animated sit-com “Gary and Mike,” she was part of the team which won an Emmy for Art Direction. She has also worked on music videos such as Talking Heads’ “And She Was,” Michael Jackson’s “Leave Me Alone,” and Paul Simon’s “Boy in a Bubble.”

Di Trapani is a self-taught animator, currently teaching Flash Animation at The Art Institute of Portland and Portland State University.

Teresa Drilling
Teresa, director, animator, designer, comes to the world of animation with the passion and precision that has marked her work for more than twenty years. Fascinated since childhood by the essence of motion, she’s found that pursuing it as an adult has only awakened a greater curiosity into its shifting nature. Originally from upstate New York, Teresa attended the Rochester Institute of Technology, receiving honors degrees in graphic design and painting.

While working as a graphic designer in the multi-image field, her stop-motion short, “The Owl and the Pussycat,” gained momentum over a successful festival run. HBO aired it for two years as an intermission short, it was picked up by a distributor, and garnered her an invitation to work in NYC, which she accepted.

In 1987 Teresa moved to Portland, Oregon to join Vinton Studios. She stayed for over 14 years, becoming one of Vinton’s senior creatives, as well as one of its principle mentors. In 1999 she traveled to Britain to join Aardman Features on “Chicken Run” as an additional Key Animator under the direction of Peter Lord and Nick Park.

Having worked on over 50 spots, Teresa’s no stranger to commercial work. She’s rubbed shoulders with odd casts of characters ranging from dancing raisins and talking potatoes, to folded paper peppers and stallions made of coal. She’s worked with agencies J. Walter Thompson NY, DDB Needham SF, Grey London Ltd., Chiat Day, Foot, Cone & Belding NY, and Young & Rubicam NY for clients like Kelloggs, Clorox, Merck, Beechams, Tropicana, Nissan, Chilis Restaurants and Elizabeth Arden.

Teresa’s prime-time television credits include lead animator and character design work for three CBS prime time specials. For “A Claymation Christmas Celebration,” she brought skating walruses to life. For “Meet the Raisins,” she showed us that penguins really can dance. As part of the team on “Claymation Comedy of Horrors,” she designed and animated the drunken skeleton, Famine. Teresa was awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation in 1991 for her animation work on that project.

She designed and developed Sesame Street’s “Cecille the Ball,” which she created for the Children’s Television Workshop with Barry Bruce, as well as directed “The Wood, the Bad, and the Hungry,” a four-minute special segment for ABC’s “Home Improvement.”

“What’s exciting to me is the process of putting that spark of life into a place where it hasn’t been before. Pushing the envelope in terms of performance, movement, aesthetics, and experience. using a variety of techniques and media; that’s important to me. I’m drawn to the possibility and potential of the work, especially when it rings true.”

Bob Freeman
Bad Alien Productions
Personal site: Fleebag Studios
Bob founded and owns Bad Alien Productions, LLC, an animation, visual effects, and video production company.

As a child, Bob first demonstrated his artistic ability by creating comic flipbooks. As an adult he has developed diverse creative and technical skills, including 3D computer modeling and animation, stop-motion animation, videography, sound design, graphics design, drawing, cartooning, Web and application software development, as well as set design, lighting, and construction for theatre and film.

Wendy Jackson Hall 1973-2005
Animated Adventures
Wendy was an animator and teaching artist specializing in teaching animation production. Through her company, Animated Adventures, she worked with hundreds of children every year in school residencies, summer camps, workshops and animation birthday parties. Wendy was also an independent animator last working on a short film about sea birds. Wendy was an ASIFA member since 1991, and was a dedicated volunteer on a local and international basis.
Please see her obituary:
      Wendy Jackson-Hall
Ruth Hayes
Random Motion
Ruth has produced experimental animation in film, video, and digital media as well as “flipbooks” and other pre-cinema formats. She first learned to animate at Harvard in the mid-70s, studying with Eric Martin, Mary Beams, and George Griffin. Later, she earned an MFA in Experimental Animation at California Institute of the Arts, working with Jules Engel, Christine Panushka and William Moritz, among others.

She taught animation in Washington State schools, juvenile correctional institutions, and at the California State Summer School for the Arts before joining the faculty of The Evergreen State College in Olympia in 1997.

For more information, please see samples of her many projects:

Richard Helmick
Richard retired from teaching animation at the University of Missouri.
Jason Hetu
Jason is a University of Oregon digital arts major. And an employee at BENT Image Lab.
Fran Holt
Fran graduated from the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore, summa cum laude with a BFA in painting/drawing. She earned her MFA in painting at the University of Texas at Austin. She worked for many years as a professional artist in Seattle before switching to computer use and 3D as a way to express her artistic creativity.

In 1999, she and Mike McComber founded THOUGHTcam, for 3D-animation. Today, they specialize in 3D animation and post-production for TV commercials. THOUGHTcam also produces ancillary media that accompanies advertising campaigns, such as print ads, CD and DVD cover art, as well as Web, CD, and DVD content.

Projects have included a series of 3D-animated commercials for Seattle Public Utilities, several 3D-animations for The Seattle Channel’s “The Seattle Apartment/Condo Recycling Program,” and related Web production. Fran has also worked on a 3D-animated short, and Mike is working on a documentary about how film vocabulary is applied to new technology.

Mike and Fran earned the prestigious Telly award for a TV commercial they conceived and produced. This commercial can be seen on their Web site THOUGHTcam.TV. Some of their other work was featured at the NAB event in 2003 by the hardware vendor Matrox. They continue to work on the Recyclettes TV commercials, and hope that someday they become as famous as the M&Ms animations.

Francois Houle
Francois lives in Seattle. He has been a 3D computer animator for six years. He has created award-winning computer animation and was selected to show his latest animation in Barcelona, Spain at the “Architectura Animacio.”
Michael Hurst, M.Ed.
I made my first CGI using FORTRAN on punch cards, in 1969, at the tender age of 17. From then on, I was hooked on digital art. My favorite flavor is rotoscope. Currently I teach middle schoolers to do very radical things on GIMP in a Linux lab. The kids and their projects are amazing. We will begin full animation in Spring 2005. This should be very challenging.
Anouck Iyer
Anouck began her filmmaking career at the Rhode Island School of Design where she majored in Film/Video/Animation alongside fellow member Wendy Jackson Hall! Her degree film project “Cloth & Bone” won awards nationally and toured through the film festival circuit internationally. Upon her graduation from RISD, Anouck moved to Stockholm, Sweden, where she worked with the animation studio Filmtecknarna.

She returned to the states to pursue her Master’s degree from the California Institute for the Arts in Experimental Animation. While attending CalArts she was awarded a grant from Eastman Kodak to complete her thesis film “Barren Boughs.” Once the film was completed, Anouck left the Los Angeles area and returned to the east coast to freelance as an illustrator/animator for several Boston based studios.

Anouck just completed her third film, “Hike Hike Hike” which was co-produced by the Film Study Center at Harvard University where she worked as a teaching assistant for visiting animation professor Wendy Tilby. She lives in Portland, Oregon and teaches at the Northwest Film Center.

Tanya Johnson
Providing 3D modeling and animation for architects and the film industry, also providing VFX services. Computer software and hardware: Softimage XSI, 3D Studio Max, Combustion, Anark Studio, Paint Shop Pro, DDClip (sound editing), Autocad R-11 to 2002, Architectural Desktop 3.3, and VBA programming.
Suzanne Kaufman
After receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Computer Animation and Photography from University of Wisconsin in 1994, Kaufman went to work for Free Range Digital, a special effects studio run by Brad Carvey based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. During her tenure, she worked on various animation projects for Discovery, Fox, and Universal. In 1996, Kaufman relocated to Seattle where she animated, modeled, and textured for Boss Game Studios, Microsoft Corporation, and Sucker Punch Productions.

Once the 3d lead at Sucker Punch, she is proud to have modeled and animated characters and their fantastical environments for Sly Cooper trilogy of games. The Sly Cooper PS2 title was critically acclaimed and awarded the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences 2003 “Innovation in Art Direction” and “Innovation in Animation” award, as well as Game Developer’s 2003 “Best Original Game Character.” Sly 2 was awarded the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences 2004 “Children’s Title of the Year.”

Kaufman has taught 3d Animation at Edmonds Community College, Mesmer Animation Labs, and the Art Institute of Seattle. She has been a guest speaker for Alias on the “Making of Sly Cooper” for Siggraph 2003 in San Diego, 3D December in London for Alias in 2003, and industry panelist for Women in Games International Conference in 2005. She regularly shows cartoon style paintings in the Pacific Northwest.

Armond Lara
Armond studied 3-D animation at Bellevue Community College. He is currently working on an ambitious mixed media project — 2-D, 3-D, “Claymation,” live-action — for which he is co-writing, producing, and directing. Work began on this project in October 2002, and shooting commences in February 2004. If you are interested in participating on any level, feel free to contact him.
Brian J. Larson
I am a traditional animator living and working in Portland. I was previously the lead animator at Celluloid Studios in Denver, Colorado, before pursuing a freelance career. I am also a character designer and director, having directed and animated commercial spots for clients such as Keebler, General Mills, and Budweiser. Although I mainly work in commercials, I have also animated television shows for Disney Channel and Cartoon Network. In addition to my freelance work, I teach introduction to “2D Animation,” and “Storyboarding” at the Portland Art Institute. I am currently working on festival pieces, and pitching a new animated television series.
Fran Lee

Beth Lenning

I am a graduate from VFS and have been working as a Motion Graphics Specialist for a local Seattle design firm. As of 08/06/07, with a strong sense of purpose and a bit of insanity, I have left my lovely job, and am taking five full months to dedicate to improving my animation skills. Before I acquire offspring, and a mortgage, I want to see if I have what it takes to make it in the studios, as well as to challenge myself to push farther than I thought was possible.
Leonard Lewis
I have been an art freak all my life, from grade school through college. I took every type of art class offered in high school, including mechanical drawing. I started to major in Graphical Illustration at Wazzu, but changed to Business for economical reasons. I went back to school at the Art Institute of Seattle, majoring in Animation. I work for Boeing as a Systems Analyst and Mercer Island School District as a Gymnastics Coach. Freelance work: L2 Enterprises: Animation/Video, Dance Studios, Acro Instructor.
Elizabeth Luce
Elizabeth is a freelance computer graphics artist.
J. Cody Lucido
I am in love with 3D and animation as much as I am in love with movie making. My studio offers full motion graphics services as well as custom 3D models and animations. HD cameras and editing systems too. Low overhead = low cost/high quality.
Eric Lyman
I am currently [as of October 2005] an animation student going into my last term at the Art Institute of Portland. My short term career goal is to create animations for feature films. I look forward to meeting like-minded ASIFA members, and becoming more well-rounded in the animation community here in the Northwest!
Michelle Mansfield

Frank Mathew

I’m new to animation, now learning Flash, and I took Portland State University’s “Animation Sampler Intensive.” I’m presently an art student at PSU, with a couple years of architecture classes, preceded by a long career in software development. One interest I have is animating architectural presentations beyond simple walk-throughs.
James A. McGavock
I currently attend Bellevue Community College studying animation and graphic arts.
Daniel Moskin
I am a graduate of Evergreen State College.
Robert Musburger
Robert taught animation history at the University of Houston School of Communication.
Sam Niemann
Sam has run his own small animation studio, Niemann Works Animation, in Portland since 2002, specializing in traditionally animated Flash cartoons.
Sharon Niemczyk
Sharon has worked on many music videos and commercials and has been teaching animation to young people for more than 20 years through the Portland Art Museum NW Film Center.
Ksenia Oustiougova
Ksenia Oustiougova was born in Moscow, Russia, and moved to the U.S. seven years ago, transferring from Moscow Architectural Institute to the Cornish College of the Arts. After graduating in the Interior Design program, she worked as an interior architect and realized this her calling. With the help of her newborn baby, she had time to rethink her purpose in life and came back to something she had done since she was four; storytelling.

She quit her job, took a screenwriting class, raised the baby by day, and wrote by night. Two years later she created an animation “Walking Past,” which was screened at SIFF 2005, and currently airs on Comcast-on-Demand. She has also created a short live-action film “The Golden Leaf.” In May 2006, she won “Best Consumer Product Idea” at the U.W. MBA Business Plan Competition for — animated flashcards that teach children how to read and are delivered to cell phones.

She currently freelances as an independent animation producer specializing in children’s and educational animation while developing content for Lilipip. She is particularly drawn to the traditions of Terry Gilliam, Jean-Pierre Juneau, and Monty Python, as well as Russian writers Anton Chekhov, and Daniel Harms. Her company, Lilipip, is dedicated to producing quality animation for children of all ages.

Bill Plympton

Kolin Pope

I just moved to Seattle after doing technical illustration for several years in Chicago. As of March 2008, I’m enrolled in the Animation Mentor online school, and study art and 2D animation on the side.
Jon Prentice
Jon is originally from Montana where he animated a student film titled “Rorschach.” He has developed primarily a 2D hand-drawn, acme-punched style. He also animated two 30-second commercial spots which he says “took me into more of a raw cartoony direction.” He recently completed an abstract cartoon titled “Vase Face Searches for the Stretch and Squash Source.”
Joanna Priestley
Priestley Motion Pictures
Joanna Priestley has produced, directed and animated 17 award-winning films. She has had retrospectives at the New York Museum of Modern Art, Center for Contemporary Art (Warsaw, Poland) and the Stuttgart Animation Festival (Germany), and has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the American Film Institute, the MacDowell Colony, Fundacion Valparaiso, and Creative Capital.

Ms. Priestley has had an apprenticeship program since 1986, teaches animation at the Art Institute of Portland and presents programs of her work and animation workshops worldwide. She was Founding President of ASIFA Northwest, co-founder and co-director of FILMA: Women’s Film Forum, and Regional Coordinator of the Northwest Film Center. She is also a medicinal herbalist, gardener, and devotee of Burning Man.

“The lively and inventive animations of Joanna Priestley are full of joy and unexpected pleasures.”
        - Kathy Geritz, Pacific Film Archive.

Nancy Benner Roberts
Nancy is a student at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland.
Matt Rodriguez
Matt is president and executive director of Plexipixel Inc., a marketing and entertainment design firm specializing in animation and web development.
Christina Sells

Mike A. Smith

Mike is a doodle-junkie, ex-archeologist, and student at the Pacific Northwest College of Art.
Richard “Mike” Srok
I graduated in 2002 from the Art Institute of Seattle (with honors) with an AAA degree in animation. Since then, I’ve done a few freelance illustration jobs, and I am still trying to break into the animation field, though I’m more than happy to do illustration and graphics. I’m looking forward to meeting and networking with others in the field either actively or inactively.
Johanna Striar

Michael Suitt

I am a computer graphic artist with a strong background in After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash animation. I focus on the more traditional methods of cartoon animation such as Disney, “Tom & Jerry,” “Roger Rabbit” and, the Looney Toons style cartoons where the detail holds a more natural, fluid movement and not so sharp and choppy as with vector-based animation programs such as Flash.
Terry Tennesen

Natt Thangvijit

Natt Thangvijit is the Director of Animation and Graphics at Headsprout, Inc. Headsprout teaches 4-7-year-olds how to read using Flash-based interactive Web cartoons. He has worked there for more than seven years, overseeing Web content and printed stories. Previously, he worked as a freelance graphic designer for Nintendo and Wizards of the Coast. In his spare time, he creates independent live-action and animated films.
Tom Tobey

Donn Ullery

Donn started drawing cartoons when he was five, and hasn’t stopped. He studied art in college, and animation with Seattle’s Jim Coffin. He has worked on films, commercials and educational software at Tennesen Ani-Works, graphics and animations for Cygnet Systems, and digitized animations for the Grand Coulee Dam Installation at Laser Fantasy. Donn has created numerous animated shorts, and has taught himself Web site coding.
Will Vinton

Randall Davis Wakerlin

Mr. Wakerlin’s films use varying techniques of experimental filmmaking including animation, collage, fabric, photocopies, hand drawn, and paint-on-glass animation. These films have been screened across the United States, Australia and Canada.

Mr. Wakerlin holds an MFA in Experimental Animation from California Institute of the Arts, where he worked with the late Jules Engel. For his thesis, “In Good Spirits,” he lived in Northern Thailand for two months while he gathered footage, interviews, and textiles from Hilltribe cultures. The textiles were animated using a modified stop-motion technique which was inter-cut with live action scenes from ceremonies and landscapes.

Before beginning his studies at CalArts, Mr. Wakerlin worked in New York for Rumpus Toys and Gold Animation creating Flash animation for Web sites and theatrical release. Previously, he studied at Hampshire College, in Massachusetts, with Bill Brand and Chris Perry. Mr. Wakerlin is now in Portland, Oregon working with Bent Image Lab.

Phillip Walton
I am an animation student at the Art Institute of Portland, specializing in character animation. I want to be the first animator on Mars.
Jillian Wetzel
Jill graduated from Olympic College with an ATA in Integrated Mulitmedia (animation). She looks forward to working in the animation or gaming industry.
Chel White

Delainea Wong

Yusuke Yazawa

Yusuke is a 3D animator.
Fran Zandonella
Fran is a computer software engineer who has spent seven years in the animation industry, most recently in Los Angeles. She now resides in Portland, working for Vinton Studios.
Marilyn Zornado
503-226-2172; 1801 N.W. Upshur, #600, Portland, Oregon 97209
Animation producer, director, book artist, and calligrapher, Marilyn Zornado is a co-founder and past-president of ASIFA NW. Marilyn’s directorial debut “Insect Poetry” won first prize at the World Animation Celebration for Best Animated Film by an Independent Animator in 2000. This 6-minute, visually rich, stop-motion film is an homage to poetry and the related arts of calligraphy and bookbinding. “Insect Poetry” toured Brazil with Anima Mundi and is still included in international competitions worldwide. It toured the U.S. with Mike and Spike’s Festival of Animation and is included on their “Best of the Fest” DVD.

A longtime producer at the Vinton Studios in Portland, Oregon, Marilyn produced more than 250 commercials, from the California Raisins and Dominos Pizza Noid in the 80s, to Joan Gratz’s elegant clay-painted spots for the Honey Bunches of Oats campaign.

Addicted to independent animation since her first trip in 1982 to the International Animation festival in Zagreb, Marilyn attends at least one animation festival a year. With Paul Driessen, Marilyn chairs the annual “Peel of Laughter Award.” With Libby Simon, Marilyn co-hosts the annual “Chocolate Fosca Party” in Los Angeles to honor the Oscar nominees for animation.

Marilyn is currently working on her next animated film, freelancing for the Vinton Studio and teaching animation students at the Art Institute of Portland. She recently completed her illustrated book: “Adventures in Pen Land,” a true story revealing the wicked ways of fountain pens. It is available as a limited edition artist’s book from Fremont Garden Press.

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