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for which Demian was the Webmaster from 2002 to June 2008.
Demian also edited the text and retouched the photos.

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Gates of Light - Animated installation by Rose Bond

December 3, 2007

Gates of Light
photo by Kate Milford
ASIFA member Rose Bond was commissioned to produce “Gates of Light” as a permanent installation at the newly restored Museum at Eldridge Street, 12 Eldridge St, New York City. Located in the Lower East Side, Bond’s animated installation evokes a haunting vision of the 120-year-old Eldridge Street Synagogue and its dynamic immigrant neighborhood.

The installation will be on continuous view from December 3, 2007. The Gates of Light interior projection was commissioned by the Eldridge Street Project and sponsored by Bloomberg LP with additional support from Jeffrey Gural and Barbara Koz Paley. An original music score was created by the Portland-based band 3 Leg Torso.

Canadian-born media artist Rose Bond has been honored with numerous awards and fellowships. Her hand-drawn animated films are in the Film Collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Her current works, ground breaking public animated installations, question the way we view cinema, and evoke the memories and stories of outsiders. Bond also created a large-scale, multi-windowed installation, called Intra Muros, within the inaugural Platform International Animation Festival in June 2007. (See “Intra Muros” listing below.) She teaches Time Arts and Intermedia at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon.

More on Rose Bond:

ASIFA Seattle Planning Meeting

November 15, 2007 - 7-9pm

Northwest Film Forum
1515 12th Ave, Seattle, Washington
Located on Capitol Hill between Pike and Pine
Phone: 206-329-2629
click for directions and parking information

Everyone is welcome to attend.
If you have ideas to share but can’t make it, please contact:
Steve Ball, secretary or
Natt Thangvijit, president

2D or Not 2D Festival

November 2-4, 2007

Everett, Washington

The Festival is presented by the Animaticus Foundation, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, teaching and evolving the art of traditional animation in a digital age.

The theme of the inaugural 2006 event was “The Picture ’Till Now,” which showcased many of the finest, and often rarely screened, classically animated masterworks. Keynote speakers included: Roy E. Disney, Tom Wilson (cartoonist for “Ziggy”), Nancy Beieman (animator, teacher, and author: “Prepare to Board”), and Tony White (animator and author: “Animation from Pencils to Pixels: Classical techinques for digital animators”).

Documentary on Pixar

October 30 - 12pm, 5pm
October 31 - 12pm, 2pm
November 1 - 12pm, 7pm
Landmark’s Metro Cinemas, 4500 9th Ave. NE, Seattle

International Animation Day

October 28, 2007

In 2002, ASIFA (Association International du Film d’Animation), the International Animated Film Association, launched a global event to celebrate the art of animation. October 28th was proclaimed as International Animation Day, commemorating the first public performance of Emile Reynaud’s Theatre Optique at the Grevin Museum in Paris in 1892.

Each year, ASIFA groups around the world celebrate International Animation Day. In 2006 51 different countries, in all the continents, celebrated this day.

9th Annual Animation Show of Shows

“John and Karen”
by Matthew Walker
October 27, 2007 - time 2:30pm
Art Institute of Seattle, South Campus 7th floor, Room 717-718, 2323 Elliott Ave., Seattle, Washington
FREE to ASIFA members

A fantastic, 2-hour program of the best in new animation, curated and presented by Ron Diamond of Acme Filmworks, Hollywood, California.

Independent / Studio Films

“John and Karen” by Matthew Walker
“Forgetfulness” by Julian Grey
“Madame Tutli-Putli” by Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowksi
“I Met the Walrus” by Josh Raskin
“Some Friends He Made: Molotov Meets the Hobo King” by Douglas Gayeton
“Ujbaz Izbeneki has Lost His Soul” by Neil Jack
“La Memoria del Cani” by Simone Massi
“The Pearce Sisters” by Luis Cook
“How to Hookup Your Home Theater” by Kevin Deters, Stevie Wermers-Skelton
Student Films
“En Tus Brazos” by FX Goby, Edouard Jouret, Matthieu Landour
“The Irresistible Smile” by Ami Lindhom
“Beton” by Ariel Belinco, Michael Faust
“Administrators” by Roman Klochkov
“t.o.m.” by Tom Brown, Daniel Gray
“Eletvonal” by Tomek Ducki
“Camera Obscura” by Matthieu Buchalski, Jean-Michel Drechsler, Thierry Onillon
Presented by ASIFA Seattle, in conjunction with the Art Institute of Seattle, AWN, and Acme Filmworks

Download available: Animation Show of Shows program PDF flyer.

ASIFA Seattle Planning Meeting

Thursday, September 27, 2007 - 7-9pm

Northwest Film Forum, 1515 12th Ave., Seattle, Washington

International Animation Contest for the Web

September 24th Entry Deadline

ASIFA and Toon Boom Animation Inc. announce the International Animation Contest for the Web, open to worldwide creative minds. The contest is open until September 24, 2007 and is calling for animated shorts that are two minutes or less based on the theme of “Global Warming.”

More information and online registration at the Toon Boom website:

ASIFA Seattle Planning Meeting

Thursday, August 23, 2007 - 7-9pm
Northwest Film Forum, 1515 12th Ave., Seattle, Washington

ASIFA Seattle Planning Meeting

July 29, 2007 - 3-5:30pm
B & O Espresso, 204 Belmont Ave. E., Seattle, Washington

Grand Salute to Woody Woodpecker

Guess Who!
July 11, 2007
Grauman's Chinese Theatres Complex in Hollywood
On-line event

StoryMakers Studio hosts celebrated author, film critic and cartoon buff Leonard Maltin, six-time Emmy® Award winning cartoon producer Phil Roman, and voice actors June Foray ("Woody Woodpecker," "Rocky and Bullwinkle,"Disney's "Mulan"), Maurice LaMarche ("Futurama, "Animaniacs," "Pinky and the Brain") and Billy West ("The New Woody Woodpecker Show," "Ren & Stimpy,""Futurama").

The event will be shown on-line. Advance “passes” are needed.
Also, everyone who signs up to watch the Woody Woodpecker event has a choice of animation-related eBooks.

Intra Muros - Animated installation by Rose Bond

June 28-June 30, 2007 - from dusk until 10:30pm
Maytag Building, NW 12th and Hoyt, Portland, Oregon
Part of the Portland Platform Festival

Multiple windows, which are viewed from the streets, provides a comic-strip glimpse into the rituals of the creative process, and the inspiration or intrusions that come from the past: Norman McLaren, Len Lye, and Bond herself.
Original sound design by Judith Gruber-Stitzer.

Rose Bond is a Canadian born media artist. An accomplished animator, her direct animation films are held in the Film Collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Bond's current work, groundbreaking public media installations, expands the way we view cinema and reminds us of the unlit and often forgotten moments in our shared history. Bond teaches Time Arts and Intermedia at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon.

Rose Bond Moving Pictures , P.O. Box 25756, Portland, OR 97298

Extended Play - Outdoor Animation Installation by Joanna Priesley

June 28, 2007 - 9:40pm, runs continuously until midnight
June 29, 30 - 9am-9pm
Pacific Northwest College of Art, 1241 NW Johnson St., Portland, Oregon
Wheelie accessible
Part of the Portland Platform Festival

A brand new work by award winning filmmaker Joanna Priestley that explores thee iconography of play and childhood games. Digital effects by Daniel Phillip Johnson, sound design and production by Marc Rose and sound effects and vocal artistry by Portland legends Janet Day, Shannon Day and Sam Mowry.

Cartoons from Hell

June 26, 2007 - 11pm
Brunish Hall, 1111 SW Broadway, Portland, Oregon
Part of the Portland Platform Festival

Curated by Patrick Smith, the program includes recent and classic work.
Most of the animators will be in attendance:
   Hisko Hulsing
   JJ Villard
   Bill Plympton
   Don Hertzfeldt
   Scott Kravitz
   David Chai
   Ruairi Robinson
   Nirvan Mullick
   Pat Smith

Humor vs Abstract - A Cartoon Battle Royal

Bill Plympton / Joanna Priestley
June 25, 2007 - 11pm
Brunish Hall, 1111 SW Broadway, Portland, Oregon
Wheelie accessible
Part of the Portland Platform Festival

World-famous animator Joanna Priestley selects the finest abstract films, and two-time Oscar nominee Bill Plympton selects the funniest films in the world, and they go mano-a-mano. Who will win? The audience decides. Don't miss the knock-down, drag-out Battle of the Cartoons.

Platform International Animation Festival

June 25-30, 2007
Portland, Oregon
Wheelie accessible - advance reservation wise as theater wheelchair spaces are limited - can arrange for van-cab at the picnic.
A couple of the late night shows, and one late night party at a bar, are closed to minors.
While most are artistic animation, there are adult themes in some of the films.
$175 Full / $110 Student Full / $125 Weekend / $50 Day
[$10 off Full, Weekend and Day passes for members of ASIFA, Siggraph, Society for Animation Studies, Women in Animation]
   Adventure Time - Larry Leichliter, Hugo Morales, Pendleton Ward (USA)
   Animal Planet: Walk This Way, Flamingo - Carolina Melis (UK)
   Apnee - Claude Chabot (France)
   Astronauts - Matthew Walker (UK)
   At the Quinte Hotel - Bruce Alcock (Canada)
   Avatar: The Last Airbender - “Lake Laogai” -
      Michael DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko, Lauren MacMullan (USA)
   BBC Jam: Monster - Woof Wan Bau (UK)
   BellX1: Rocky Took A Lover - SSSR (UK)
   Ben and Jerry’s: Pints Personified - Mark Gustafson (USA)
   Beton - Michael Faust / Ariel Belinco (Israel)
   Black History Toons - Glen Steinmacher (USA)
   Bloomed Words - Amica Kubo (Japan)
   Bunnyheads - Jim Blashfield (USA)
   Cal Arts Experimental Program Showcase Title - Kevin Walker (USA)
   Carnival of Animals - Michaela Pavlatova (Czech Republic)
   Chaperon Rouge - Emeline Bafoin, Eric Le Dieu de Ville,
      Tristan Michel, Vincent Techer (France)
   Coca Cola: Rivalries - Mark Gustafson (USA)
   Coca Cola: Videogame - Smith & Foulkes (UK)
   Cold Calling - Nick Mackie (UK)
   Collision - Max Hattler (UK)
   Conte de Quartier - Florence Miailhe (Canada)
   Dachau Near Munich - Fredrik Ring (Germany)
   The Danish Poet - Torill Kove (Norway)
   Digitopia - Miwa Matreyek (USA)
   Dinner Table - Song E. Kim (USA)
   Dodge Focus Group - David Hulin (USA)
   Domestos Multiplication - Russell Brooke (UK)
   Drawing Class - Pooja Pottenkulam (UK)
   Dreams and Desires - Family Ties - Joanna Quinn (Wales, UK)
   Dust Echoes Series 2: Brolga Song - Suren Perera (Australia)
   Dust Echoes Series 2: Mermaid Story - James Calvert (Australia)
   El Tigre: Night of the Living Guacamole/Sole of a Hero -
      Dave Thomas, Sandra Equihua, Jorge R. Gutierrez (USA)
   Elephant Girl - David Lobser (USA)
   Everybody Lonely Star - Byung A Han (South Korea)
   Everything Will Be Ok - Don Hertzfeldt (USA)
   Far West - Luis Nieto (France)
   Fedex: Stick - David Hulin (USA)
   A Gentlemen’s Duel - Francisco Ruiz, Sean McNally (USA)
   God on Our Side - Uri Kranot, Michal Pfeffer (The Netherlands)
   Goodbye Canine - Simon Lallement / Gregory Fatien /
      David VandenBroecke (France)
   Grater City - Miwa Matreyek (USA)
   Guy 101 - Ian Gouldstone (UK)
   Head - Felix Dufour Laperriere / Dominic Etienne Simard (Canada)
   Here and There - Obom (Canada)
   Herzog and the Monsters - Lesley Barnes (Scotland, UK)
   How She Slept at Night - Lilli Carre (USA)
   I Met the Walrus - Josh Raskin (Canada)
   The Irresistible Smile - Ami Lindholm (Finland)
   Jeu - Georges Schwizgebel (Canada)
   Karma Hunters - Albert Martinez (Spain)
   The Knife: We Share Our Mother’s Health - Motomichi Nakamura (USA)
   The Librarian from the Black Lagoon - Galen Fott (USA)
   Lightning Doodle Project Pikapika - Takeshi Nagata, Kazue Monno (Japan)
   Lloyds: For the Journey - Marc Craste (UK)
   Lovesport: Paintballing - Grant Orchard (UK)
   Milch - Igor Kovalyov (USA/Russia)
   Motorola: Grand Classics - Smith & Foulkes (UK)
   MTV Canada ID: Canoe - Julian Grey (Canada)
   Naked - Mischa Kamp (The Netherlands)
   National Lottery: The Big Win - Marc Craste (UK)
   Never Like the First Time - Jonas Odell (Sweden)
   Nickelodeon: Cast - Model Robot (UK)
   No Room for Gerold - Daniel Nocke (Germany)
   NSPCC: Speech Bubble - Smith & Foulkes (UK)
   Oban Star Racers - Thomas Romain, Savin Yeatman Eiffel (France)
   Once Upon A Time - Corentin Laplatte, Jerome Dernoncourt,
      Samuel Deroubaix (France)
   One D - Mike Grimshaw (Canada)
   One Rat Short - Alex Weil (USA)
   OOIOO UMO - Shoji Goto (Japan)
   Opera - Ondrej Rudavsky (USA)
   A Painful Glimpse Into My Writing Process - Chel White (USA)
   Pearce Sisters - Luis Cook (UK)
   Phoenix Foundation: Hitchcock - Reuben Sutherland (UK)
   Provocateur - Ray Di Carlo, Chel White (USA)
   Rabbit - Run Wrake (UK)
   Reindeer Barn - Mark Caballero, Seamus Walsh (USA)
   The Runt - Andreas Hykade (Germany)
   Shaun the Sheep: Still Life - Christopher Sadler (UK)
   Sleep with the Fishes - Belle Mellor (UK)
   Small & Deep Love Stories - Hsinping Pan (Taiwan)
   The South Bank Show - SSSR (UK)
   Storyville - Patrick Krafft, Florian Mounie, Marion Nove Josserand (France)
   Subtle: The Mercury Craze - SSSR (UK)
   Sundance: Budapest - Julian Grey (Canada)
   Sundance: Forgetfulness - Julian Grey (Canada)
   Sundance: Some Days - Julian Grey (Canada)
   The Tale of How - The Blackheart Gang (South Africa)
   Tom in the Woods - Andreas Hykade (Germany)
   The Tourists - Malcolm Sutherland (Canada)
   Tower Bawher - Theodore Ushev (Canada)
   Tragic Story With Happy Ending - Regina Pessoa (Canada)
   Tyger - Guilherme Marcondes (UK)
   U2: Window in the Skies - Jonas Odell (Sweden)
   Une Charogne - Olivier Berry, Alexia Cui,
      Olivier Sipesaque, Samuel Chung Hao Tung (France)
   United Airlines: Dragon - Jamie Caliri (USA)
   United Airlines: Mr. Pants - Wendy Tilby, Amanda Forbis (USA)
   United Airlines: The Meeting - Wendy Tilby, Amanda Forbis (USA)
   Very Good Adventures of Yam Roll in Happy Kingdom: Win,
      Place or Toe - Jon Izen (Canada)
   Vienna Mix - Maya Yonesho (Japan)
   Vodafone: Live Music Idents - Chris Waitt (UK)
   Vodafone: Mayfly - Darren Walsh (UK)
   Who I Am and What I Want - Chris Shepard, David Shrigley (UK)
   Wolf Daddy - Chang Hyung Yun (South Korea)
   Wolf Parade: Modern World - Adam Bizanski (Israel)
   Thom Yorke: Harrowdown Hill - Chel White (USA)
   Yours Truly - Osbert Parker (UK)
   Zlydni - Stepan Koval (Russia)

   Berlin Skin by Kim Collmer (Germany)
   Conveyer Belt by Doma (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
   Copenhagen Cycles by Eric Dyer (Baltimore, Maryland USA)
   Dream of Lucidly Living by Miwa Matreyek (Valencia, California USA)
   Extended Play by Joanna Priestley (Portland, Oregon USA)
   i-glasses by Hooliganship: Peter Burr &
      Christopher Doulgeris (Portland, Oregon USA)
   Madeleine x 350 by Betsy Schneider (Tempe, Arizona USA)
   No Never Alone by Greg Barsamian (Brooklyn, New York USA)
   Pikapika by Tochka and RITZ (Tokyo, Japan)
   Reduced Conception by Daniela Repas (Portland, Oregon USA)
   Solid Light Study No.3 by Rob Wolpert (Los Angeles, California USA)
   Stability by Karolina Sobecka (Seattle, Washington USA)
   The Street by Lars Arrhenius (Stockholm, Sweden)
   Subterranean Heart by Miwa Matreyek, Anna Oxygen,
      Chi-wang Yang (Los Angeles, California USA)
   Walk by Motomichi Nakamura (New York, New York USA)
   Wildlife by Karolina Sobecka (Seattle, Washington USA)

Films for Mobile Devices
   17 - Florian Grolig (Germany)
   Colorful EU - Peter Vadocz (Hungary)
   Dropsy - Monkeystack (Australia)
   Errorism - People’s Republic of Animation (Australia)
   Evil Fun With Zimmy - Andy Sykes (UK)
   Human Beatbox - Andy Sykes (UK)
   Melissa Murphy’s Holiday from Hell - Champagne for the Ladies (Australia)
   Office Buddies: Hold That Lift - Dan and Jason (USA)
   Office Buddies: Stapler Face Off - Dan and Jason (USA)
   Office Buddies: Working Hard - Dan and Jason (USA)
   The Perils of Flossy - Ali Ashdown (Australia)
   Ping Pong - Frank Flothman (Germany)
   Sou - Theodore Ushev (Canada)
   Typecast - Lycette Bros. (Australia)
   Video Ringtones - Lycette Bros. (Australia)
   Zimmy Mini Stories - Andy Sykes (UK)

Films for the Internet and New Media
   Berlin Skin by Kim Collmer (Germany)
   Adicolor Black - Saiman Chow (USA)
   Akumi: The Hunter - Milton Pool (USA)
   Becoming Georgie - Doug Sinclair, Daniel Hawes (Canada)
   Borat in 30 Seconds, Re-enacted by Bunnies - Jennifer Shiman (USA)
   Code Monkey - Mike Booth (USA)
   Cuckoo Clock - Tom Jantol (Croatia)
   Fuggy Fuggy - Brothers McLeod (UK)
   I Like Pandas - Jessica Borutski (Canada)
   It’s Jerry Time - J & O Zucker (USA)
   Making of Gladiator - Duncan Beedie (UK)
   Male Restroom Etiquette - Phillip Rice (USA)
   The Muffs: Don’t Pick on Me - Tom Neely (USA)
   My Second Life - Douglas Gayeton (Netherlands)
   Ninja Babies - Character Business (Finland)
   Nuckin’ Futz - Jib Jab (USA)
   Pib and Pog: Peter’s Room - Peter Peake (UK)
   Secret Lives of Robots - Dan Meth, Lee Rubenstein (USA)
   See Paris Die - Brian Ash (USA)
   Side Dish - Squid (UK)
   Spamland - Brothers McLeod (UK)
   What We Call the News - Jib Jab (USA)

ASIFA Seattle Planning Meeting

June 24th, 2007 - 4:00-6:30pm
B & O Espresso, 204 Belmont Ave. E Seattle, Washington

ASIFA-Seattle Planning meeting

May 16, 2007 - 7pm
B & O Espresso, 204 Belmont Ave. E, Seattle, Washington

ASIFA-Seattle Planning meeting

April 18, 2007 - 7pm
B & O Espresso, 204 Belmont Ave. E, Seattle, Washington

Attack of the Wise Women New Animated Films and Speakers

Streetcar Named Perspire by Joanna Priestley
March 1, 2007 - 7pm
Living Room Theaters, 341 SW 10th (at Stark), Portland, Oregon
Wheelie accessible
$8 / 7 seniors, students


  • “Streetcar Named Perspire” by Joanna Priestley (international premiere)
  • “The Danish Poet” by Torill Kove (Oscar nominee)
  • “Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase” by Joan Gratz (Oscar winner)
  • “Britannia” by Joanna Quinn (Golden Hugo winner)
  • “Dreams and Desires” by Joanna Quinn (won three prizes at Annecy)
  • Plus a trilogy of films by Joanna Priestley
Also on the program, a talk by world renowned herbalist Cascade Anderson Geller.

Comfy seats, food, bar, and high definition projection at the first all-digital theater chain in the U.S.
Party after the show in the Living Room Theater Lounge.


Dennis Nyback’s Cartoon Extravaganza

21 shows - February 23-March 15 - 7:30pm
All shows at Disjecta, 230 East Burnside, Templeton Building, Portland, Oregon
except for the last show at Hollywood Theater, 4122 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland, Oregon
Wheelie accessible at both spaces
$6 per show
Consecutive night discounts - one dollar off from each previous night (after 6 nights, shows are free)
Curated by Dennis Nyback
Information: 503-282-2101;

  • February 23 - Animation From Zoetrope to Sound
    A history of animation in a Hollywood 1955 documentary. See: Emil Cohl, Winsor McCay, John Randolph Bray, Otto Messmer. Silent animation of Max Fleischer and Walt Disney. “Charlie at the Beach,” a Pat Sullivan-Otto Messmer Charlie Chaplin 1918 cartoon. Characters include Gertie the Dinosaur, Mutt and Jeff, Krazy Kat, Koko the Clown, Colonel Heeza Liar, and Felix the Cat. Also see: The Gump Family in “Monsieur Slim” with live action and animation in a key scene.

  • February 24 - The Mouse that Roared
    Ten early Disney b/w cartoons.

  • February 25 - Early Work of Paul Terry, Walter Lantz, Otto Messmer, Ub Iwerks
    Ub met Walt Disney in Kansas City. Ub created Mickey Mouse and formed his own cartoon studio in 1930, producing “Fiddlesticks,” “Technocracked,” and “Play Ball.” Paul animated his first cartoon in 1915. His company churned out cartoons for 50 years. He produced “The Black Duck” (1929) and the Mighty Mouse cartoon “Liza on the Ice.” Walter also was a pioneer producing “Col Heeza Liar,” in 1916. He established his own studio and created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and Andy Panda. Otto created Felix the Cat in “Felix In Fairyland” (1923) and “Felix Woos Whoopee” (1928).

  • February 26 - The Birth of Betty Boop (Or My Life as a Dog)
    The first Betty Boop cartoon “Dizzy Dishes,” followed by nine more, all made before Betty became human. Betty first appeared as the love interest of Bimbo in 1930. She and Bimbo were dogs. See her change, not just in and out of her clothes, but into another species.

  • February 27 - The Forgotten Greatness of Amadee Van Beuren
    Some of the best 30s cartoons were made by Amadee Van Beuren. See Molly Moo Cow, Amos and Andy, “Parrotville,” “Pastrytown,” and “The Sunshine Makers.” Also, work by Ted Eshbaugh.

  • February 28 - The Amazing Ladislaw Starevitch Starevitch
    He produced the first stop motion cartoon “Lucanus Cervus” in 1910. That historically places him just after Emil Cohl, and before Winsor McCay. His work influenced Jan Svankmajer, the Quay Brothers, and many others. Toy Story was a remake of his greatest work “The Mascot.” His work from 1914-1933 will be in the show.

  • March 1 - Warner Brothers Part 1 - the Harman and Ising Era
    Warner Brothers animation began in 1929 under the Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising. They left WB for MGM in 1934. See: “One More Time,” “Freddy the Freshman,” “I Like Mountain Music,” “We’re in the Money,” “Wake Up the Gypsy in Me,” “Buddy’s Showboat,” “Buddy the Gob,” “Bosko in Person,” “Shake Your Powder Puff,” and “Honeymoon Hotel.” All of these cartoons are from the “pre-code” era.

  • March 2 - Warner Brothers Part 2
    Bugs was a jerk, Daffy was really daffy, Porky was obese, Tweety Pie was a first-class sadist. A look at these characters before their sharp corners were rounded off.

  • March 3 - Mel Blanc, the Man with 1,000 Voices
    Local Portland boy made good. He dropped out of Lincoln High in 1925 to work, first as a musician in local theater pit orchestras, then at the fledgling KGW radio station. By 1937, he worked in Hollywood doing the voice of Porky Pig, and then voiced most of the Warner Brothers carton characters. He also worked for other studios, including doing Woody Woodpecker and Andy Panda at Lantz. Hear: Private Snafu, Barney Rubble, Fog Horn Leghorn, Bugs, Porky, Daffy.

  • March 4 - Cartoonists and Animators Go to War - WW1 and WW2
    See: Winsor McCay’s spectacular “The Sinking of the Lusitania,” Ted Geisel’s (aka Dr. Suess) military training toons, Popeye battling the Japanese, Chuck Jones’ pacifist “Draft Horse,” Superman fighting for the “American” way, Joseph Stalin the “Godless Commie” on our side, etc. Program not for children.

  • March 5 - World Animation
    See Czech, Hungarian, Australian, Japanese, French, Dutch, Polish, and other world animation of 60-70s.

  • March 6 - There is Nobody Like Tex Avery
    The best of Tex, at Warners in the 30s, and MGM in the 40s.

  • March 7 - Sixties TV Animation
    See Beany and Cecil, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Roger Ramjet, The Mighty Heroes (Ralph Bakshi 1966), Gumby, The Jetsons (Pilot episode), Sesame Street (first season b/w).

  • March 8 - To Be Announced

  • March 9 - Educational Animation
    See: sex education short “The Glob Family,” “About Conception and Contraception,” “The Story of Menstruation,” “My Turtle Died Today,” “The ABC of Health.”

  • March 10 - Oregon Animators: Pinto Colvig, Carl Barks, Matt Groening
    Pinto was born in Jacksonville, Oregon in 1892. He worked at Disney, and, in the early 30s, did voices, in particular, that of Goofy. He also worked for Warners and was the voice of Bluto in Famous Studios Popeye cartoons. Hear his work at Disney, Warners, and Famous Studios. Carl was born in Merrill, Oregon in 1901. He worked at Disney animating Donald Duck and then, by himself, created Scrooge McDuck. See one of his Donald Duck cartoons. Matt Groening, from Portland, in high school worked with teen film maker Tim Smith on several films. One of the best, which includes animation, is “Drugs Killers or Dillers,” which leads off the show.

  • March 11 - World Puppet Animation
    See: from the Netherlands George Pal’s “Phillips Broadcast” (1938), from Germany “Puss in Boots” (1940), and Lotte Reiniger’s “Jack and the Beanstalk,” from America, Charley Bower’s “It’s A Bird” (1930), and Basil Milovsoroff’s “Poison in the House” (1957).

  • March 12 - Industrial Animation
    “Doomsday for Pests” by Sherwin Williams — animation by the Jerry Fairbanks company — to promote paint mixed with DDT to keep bugs at bay. The UPA company was formed by animators who had been blacklisted for striking against Disney in the 40s, which produced Gerald McBoing Boing and Mr. Magoo. Their bread and butter was commercials and industrial films. They made Man on the Land, which was paid for by the oil industry in 1957. Also showing Happy Little Blue Bird Valley funded by hydroelectric power money. It shows the little blue bird and other animals of the forest who are so happy because a dam is being built.

  • March 13 - Animated TV Commercials of the 50-80s
    Papermate Pens, Skippy Peanut Butter, Stripe Toothpaste, 7-Up, Levis, The Jackson Five for Alpha Bits, beer and wine coolers, hair care products.

  • March 14 - 70s Animation
    Groovy Goolies and Friends, Shamus Culhane’s Professor Kitzel, The Ghost in the Shed.

  • March 15 - 35mm Animation from the 50-90s
    Location this show only: Hollywood Theater, 4122 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland, Oregon
    Many Oregon animators featured: Joan Gratz, Bill Plympton, Chel White, Marilyn Zornado. Also see: the first Pixar film, works by John Hubley, Mike Judge, Jan Svankmajer. Special: “Thank You Mask Man,” with the Lenny Bruce track.
Proceeds from the Cartoon Extravaganza will be donated to the Oregon Cartoon Institute.

2006 Academy Award Nominated Animated Short Films

Unspecified run - February ?, 2007 - 3, 7pm
Varsity Theatre, 4329 University Way N.E., Seattle, WA
Wheelie accessible
$? - Tuesdays: $6.25

Oscar Nominee Program

  • “The Danish Poet” (“Den Danske Dikteren”) by Torill Kove - NFBC / Norway, Canada - 15 min.
    Kasper, a poet whose creative well has run dry, takes a holiday in Norway to meet the famous writer Sigrid Undset.
  • “Lifted” by Gary Rydstrom - Buena Vista / U.S. - 5 min.
    A young alien student from a distant world tests the patience of an increasingly weary instructor in a first-time abduction attempt.
  • “The Little Matchgirl” by Roger Allers and Don Hahn - Buena Vista / U.S. - 7 min.
    A tale about a poor young girl who finds visions of happiness in the fiery flames of the matches that she lights to keep warm. Based on the Hans Christian Andersen story.
  • “Maestro” by Geza M. Toth - Szimplafilm/Hungary - 5 min.
    Maestro sits in front of a dressing room mirror, and carefully prepares for his grand show.
  • “No Time for Nuts” by Chris Renaud and Michael Thurmeier - 20th Century Fox / U.S. - 7 min.
    While trying to bury a nut during the Ice Age, Scrat uncovers a frozen time machine.
Extra Program
  • “A Gentleman’s Duel” by Francisco Ruiz Velasco and Scott McNally - Blur Studio / U.S. - 7:45 min.
    A seemingly innocent tea party takes a turn for the dramatic when two imperious aristocrats suddenly find themselves competing for the affections of the same fair lady.
  • “Guide Dog” by Bill Plympton - Branscome International / U.S. - 5:45 min.
    A sequel to the Oscar nominated short “Guard Dog.” This time our hero dog helps blind people with typical disastrous results.
  • “One Rat Short” by Alex Weil - Charlex Films / U.S. - 10:18 min.
    The mesmerizing ballet of a discarded food wrapper leads to a New York subway rat into an adventure of love and loss.
  • “The Passenger” by Chris Jones - Australia - 7 min.
    Storm clouds gather as a timid bookworm braves his daily walk to the bus stop. When he discovers what awaits him on board, he realizes he’d have been better off outside in the storm.
  • “Wraith of Cobble Hill” by Adam Parrish King - U.S. - 15:33 min.
    When teenage Felix, from a deadbeat Brooklyn home, is asked by Mr. H, the kindly corner store owner, to mind his dog while he’s away, it’s up to Felix either to reciprocate the benevolence Mr. H has always shown him, or perpetuate the neglect handed down as a family legacy.

Aardanimator Sampler: Short Films on the Side - Curated by Teresa Drilling

February 22, 2007 - 7pm
Art Institute of Portland, 1122 NW Davis St., 2nd Fl., Portland, OR 97209
Wheelie accessible
$FREE members / $2 donation suggested for non-members and guests

An evening presentation of short films directed by animators from the international Aardman community.

Aardman Animations is famous for supporting creative vision and storytelling through the projects they produce. This program is a sampler of independent, personal films made by the extraordinary animators who work for Aardman. Curator Drilling has herself worked at Aardman and has rounded up some of the best animation examples for this one-time show.


  • “My Chair” by Jason Lynch (Australia)
  • “Cat Dancing” by Julianna Cox (USA)
  • “Bertie & Roderick in a Bit of a Fix” by Francesca Ferrario (Italy)
  • “Boxed In” by Will Becher (UK)
  • “Hermetico” by Sam Marti (Spain)
  • “Mac & Roe” by Elmer Kaan (Holland)
  • “See the Truth” by Jerold Howard (USA)
  • “Off Beat” by Will Becher (UK)
Information: Brian Larson

It’s Alive! Hands-on Animation!

January 25, February 1, 8, 5, 22, March 1, 8, 15, 2007 - 6-9pm
Instructor: Brian Ainslie
911 Media Arts Center, 402 - 9th Ave. N., Seattle, Washington
Wheelie accessible
$295 members / $325

Learn the foundations of traditional 2-d animation technique and practice. Animation is an amazing tool to expand story structure, reinforce a message, contextualize characters, create dynamic do-it-yourself titles, metaphor, b-roll and so much more. This hands-on class will examine classic techniques necessary on all levels of animation, including the use of the Lunchbox Animation System. Tips, tricks, techniques and practical methods, will leave you a proficient animator. This class is open to all skill levels. No previous experience in drawing or film required.

After Effects Beginning - Intermediate Intensive

January 17, 24, 31, February 7, 14, 2007 - 6-9:30pm
Instructor: Brian Racherbaeumer
911 Media Arts Center, 402 - 9th Ave. N., Seattle, Washington
Wheelie accessible
$325 members / $350

After Effects enables you to produce professional quality motion graphics, special effects, title sequences, and animation for integration into your projects. This workshop will familiarize you with the AE interface and cover basic key frame animation, including Bezier curves, masks and motion paths, time re-mapping, spatial vs. temporal key frame control, and key frame assistants.

The Animation Show - Portland

January 19-20, 2007 - 7, 9:30pm; January 21 - 3, 5:30, 8pm
Hollywood Theatre, 4122 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland, Oregon
Tickets: 800-494-TIXS
Produced by Mike Judge and Don Hertzfeldt

The Animation Show - Seattle

January 16, 2007 - 8pm; January 17 - 6:30pm, 9pm
Moore Theater, 1932 2nd Av. Seattle, Washington
Tickets: 206-628-0888
Produced by Mike Judge and Don Hertzfeldt
Don Hertzfeldt in attendance.