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Assorted Shelters — or —
Do You Have Nightmares When You Sleep on Your Back?
Demian’s Theater & Film Projects
Demian was director, script editor, and had singing/acting roles

Assorted Shelters grew out of five months of theater workshops developed by Demian as part of his doctoral thesis. Designed at first to be a theatrical study of violence, the intensity of the improvisations proved to be too unnerving for the performers. After a change of participants, the tone and over-all theme were transformed into a dream-like investigation of sexism. The play then took on a humorous (though still dark) tone, presenting a series of abstract and satirical scenes illuminating the tyranny of sex-role stereotypes. Completing the playful survey of social mores, an ending dance/nightmare incorporated elements from each scene.

Demian, Adam Sacks, Paul Nietupski, Martha Murphy

Demian watches the TV (Paul)
“Remember,” says Paul, “each one of
Burdoon’s® Donuts weighs 27 pounds,
six ounces. So just one will fill you up!”

Mr. Boss (Demian) gives pointers to the
beleaguered male secretary (Paul) by berating a
job applicant (Adam), “You’ve got spunk …
I hate spunk”.

Adam mimes Martha’s violent, erotic fantasy.

Fritz (Demian), a very cool cat,
loves ’em (Martha), and leaves ’em.
all photos: Frank Ward
Performers Demian, Martha Murphy, Paul Nietupski, and Adam Sacks developed their own characters. Demian oversaw the shape of the play and wrote the script based on the improvisational rehearsal audio tapes. Original music and lyrics were created by Demian and Adam Sacks, with choreography by Martha Murphy and Adam Sacks. Assorted Shelters toured New England during 1972.
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