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Criminal Opportunities in Seattle
Demian’s Theater & Film Roles
Demian plays cops and security guards

Demian played five different cops or security guards in Criminal Opportunities in Seattle, which was originally titled “Cons.” Three of those five policemen were killed. Demian was beat to death once and shot to death twice.

Because of the need to re-film and get the best take, these deaths happened repeatedly. Demian fell to a violent, grizzly death on to the cold, hard concrete floor many times over.

This is what you gotta do to make it in the movies — die for your art — or at east get black and blue.

Demian shows a cop killer (Kirk Giberson) who’s boss.

Demian lectures the cop killers (Giberson and Zane Gregory)
on their evil ways, while leading them to the court room.

Demian suggests a “short cut” to the courtroom, where he
and the other cop expect to teach the cop killers a lesson.

Even when they are handcuffed, never,
NEVER turn your back on a killer.

Criminal Opportunities in Seattle is about an ex-football player who turns to crime when he teams up with a seasoned con who won’t take no for an answer. Director Kelly Abbott calls Criminal Opportunities in Seattle a dramatic comedy. The movie was wrapped in August 2000.

Criminal Opportunities in Seattle was written and directed by Kelly Abbott, and produced by Bursting Universe: Digital Films PO Box 3672, Everett WA 98203; burstinguniverse@excite.com

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