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Director’s Commentary
A Short Comedy
Written and Directed by Demian
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—— The Story ——

A house party host attempts to play matchmaker. While mutually attracted, the two guests she has in mind to match have very different fantasies about each other. Ultimately, we learn the dark secrets that lie behind their social masks.

Throughout the entire video we hear the director’s commentary — just like on some DVDs — only here, you cannot shut the director’s egotistical narrative off.

—— Video Excerpt ——

—— Stills from the Video ——

Harry Turpin as the efficient waiter “Jean-Luc,” and Laurie Bialik as the ever gracious “Sondra.” Just moments before their party guests arrive, a terrible truth is revealed.

Before the party gets rolling, one of the house guests is attacked by Jack Jackson, the neighbors’ viscous dog.

Bradetta Vines plays the gossipy “Gracie,” and Dana Fuhrman plays her pal “Georgia.”

Laura York as the proper “Marion,” Diane Fadden as an easily-offended guest, and Jennifer Wilde as the perpetually hungry “Beverly.” “Bob” has just done something extremely rude with his pants.

Chelsea Teller, as sweet “Jill,” and Andrew Scott McIntyre, as “Jack.” At this moment, they are literally pushed into each other’s arms.

Chelsea Teller as the seductive Jill, as she plays with fire in Jack’s Fantasy

—— Cast ——

The Cast, except for Jack Jackson, the dog

  • Laurie Bialik - “Sondra” - socialite, it is her house party
  • Harry Turpin - “Jean-Luc” - the party’s wiry, resourceful waiter
  • Bradetta Vines - “Gracie” - pals with Georgia
  • Dana Fuhrman - “Georgia” - pals with Gracie
  • Andrew Scott McIntyre - “Jack” - young, horny, and romantic
  • Chelsea Teller - “Jill” - intelligent beautiful, underwear designer
  • Phil G. Teller - “Bob” - arrogant, small minded, butt head
  • James G. Wirth - “Hank” - Bob’s cheering squad
  • Jason Seitz - “Brad” - neat-nick, encounter with a dog
  • Jennifer Wilde - “Beverly” - skinny, over-eater
  • Laura York - “Marion” - proper party guest
  • Diane Fadden - “Sara” - easily-offended party guest
  • Angela Hill - party guest
  • Tim Enloe - party guest
  • John Schlick - party guest
  • Jack Jackson - “Jack Jackson” - the viscous dog
—— Crew ——
  • Demian - Writer/Director/Camera/Music Arranger
  • Phil Teller - Lighting
  • Linda Teller - Assistant Director
  • Steve Bartalamay - Assistant Director
  • Kelly Abbot - Assistant Director
  • Angela Hill - Hair/Makeup
  • Hank Isaac - Crane Creator
  • Stephanie Isaac - Crane Assistant
  • Dale Rudd - Dog handler (or visa versa)
—— Reviews from other Filmmakers ——

“Fantastic! Excellent filmmaking! ‘Director’s Commentary’ is full of humor and wry comments on the human condition. It is very artistic, with great style and pacing. The video has clear sound, and is beautifully photographed. It fairly reeks of high production values. Can I steal some clips from it for use in my films?”
— Karl Krogstad, filmmaker
(“Skunk Lady,” “Still Life with Animals”)

“ ‘Director’s Commentary’ is a witty, engrossing piece that surprises with each turn of the camera. It is thoroughly entertaining. With its unique concept, great dialog, and engaging characters, I gladly recommend it.”
— Kelly Abbott, filmmaker
(“Cons,” “Going Straight”)

The complete “Director’s Commentary” video is available
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