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A Little About Demian

Demian considers himself a “cultural worker,” engaged in performance and presentational arts. He has produced videos, films, photography, slide/tape presentations, theater, radio, comic strips, animations, marionette productions.

Currently, he writes and doctors scripts; produces, shoots, and edits digital videos; takes digital stills; is an actor; programs Web sites; and also does shiatsu-style massage work.

Major threads in his theater and video works have been justice, equality and gay liberation. He created Sweet Corn Productions in 1971 to produce many of these efforts.

Demian conducts the day-to-day business of Partners Task Force for Gay & Lesbian Couples, which he co-created in 1986.

Since 1970, Demian has been vegan (no eggs, dairy, fish, etc.) with a Macrobiotic orientation.

First introduced to T’ai Chi Ch’uan by Cheng Man-Ch’ing in 1969, Demian studied T’ai Chi with T.T. Liang during the early 70s, and continues to practice to this day. In 1971, Demian made a short 16mm film of Liang demonstrating five T’ai Chi dances and being interviewed by Demian.

Demian is awfully fond of caring for rabbits and has had anywhere from one-to-13 rabbits at a time.

Stereoscopy — three-dimensional vision and media — is Demian’s all-time favorite passion. This began when he was 12 and was inspired by Holmes viewer images. He soon produced 3-D photos using his mom’s Brownie Hawkeye.

Cultural and Liberation Work
  • Producer and Host of “Gaybreak” radio magazine for the gay and lesbian community, Amherst, Massachusetts. Interviewed scores of gay men and lesbians. (1973-78)
  • Co-founder, Pioneer Valley Gay Union, western Massachusetts. (1975)
  • Mounted a successful campaign in Amherst, Massachusetts, to amend the town law to cover lesbians and gay men in civil rights investigations. (1976)
  • President, People’s Gay Alliance, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Mass. (1976)
  • Creator and Facilitator “Self-Affirmation for Gay Men” workshops. (1977)
  • Director, Playwright, Producer of theater plays (staged in Boston, San Francisco, and Seattle) and videos for Sweet Corn Productions. (1971-ongoing)
  • Producer and Host of “GayWay” radio magazine, Boston. (1980)
  • Authored articles on gay issues in the “Utne Reader,” “New Age Journal,” “Gay Community News,” “Seattle Gay News,” “Fag Rag,” “Gay Comix,” “Gay Post,” “Out/Look,” “RFD,” “Win Magazine,” and a monthly column in the 70s for the “Valley Advocate” (a mainstream Massachusetts newspaper).
  • Co-founder Partners Task Force for Gay & Lesbian Couples. Director, Writer, Publications Designer, Webmaster for Partners. (1986-ongoing)
  • Co-founder of Legal Marriage Alliance of Washington. (1995) Webmaster, Newsletter Editor for LMA. (1996-98)
  • Newsletter Editor for the Yellow Sun Food Coop (1975-77) and the Pioneer Valley Gay Union (1975)
  • Produced video series of Dharma teachings with Ven. Thubten Chodron and Ven. Ajahn Amaro. (1995 and 1998)
  • Webmaster and Associate Editor for Purple Circuit - resources and information for GLQBT theater and performance throughout the world. (2000-ongoing)
  • Webmaster for ASIFA-Seattle - an animators club (2002-2008)
Items of Note
  • Ed.D. and M.Ed., University of Massachusetts
    (Doctoral thesis based on leading 130 theater workshops)
  • B.F.A., Massachusetts College of Art (painting major)
  • Theater and movement workshops with Carolee Schneeman and Yvonne Rainer
  • Theater workshops with The Open Theater, Manhattan Project, and The Living Theater
  • Certificate in Clock and Watch Repair, San Francisco Community College

Demian’s Résumés: Directing || Writing || Visual || Acting || plus Photo Gallery

Graphic animations created by Demian.

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