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Short Films from IndieClub

Two of Demian’s short films are included in this compilation DVD from IndieClub.
Here are descriptions of Demian’s pieces - followed by all content on the IndieClub DVD.


Bonnie Jo Bainbridge      
A sweet sprite glides through the gray streets of a waterfront cityscape.
Her legs do not move as she wafts through the various locations.
“Of the films on the disc [the IndieClub Collection] ‘Leggo’ is, in my opinion, the most visually interesting and creative. An abstract ‘art film’ (re)created from footage shot in 1968, ‘Leggo’ is on par with some of the better films found at film school screenings (and perhaps even better than some exhibit pieces I've seen). While it does not present the viewer with anything new, it does manage to be a pleasurable viewing experience. ‘Leggo’ is the gem of this collection and one of the few films on this disc that I have viewed on multiple occasions.” - jjs1138 (in Dallas, TX), Amazon.com Review

Gertie Takes a Trip to the Moon and a Man Recycles

The Moon              
First, a dinosaur is hatched, then she disintegrates and a moon and stars are formed.
Eventually, a flying space vehicle treks into the moon, and, inside, an embryo evolves into an old man. All takes place within 1½ minutes.

The complete list of all 16 filmmakers
— 22 shorts - on this DVD
Director Film Title
William Koenig True Love
A romantic drama/comedy about two people getting ready for a dinner date, and preparing to make the plunge into the unfamiliar and sometimes frightening waters that is matrimony.

A fresh take on some tried and true movie-making devices, telling the story of two lovers enjoying a quiet day at the beach, until …
Scott Hartman Lost in Heaven
James and Henry go into the community to spread the word of God when they meet Michael, who truly believes he is lost in heaven.
Brazil J. Grisaffi Death and a Salesman
Used car salesman Jack Howard couldn’t sell a car to save his life.
JR Steendahl All Filler
The creamy center of comedy
Brad Wilson Flight of the Chicken
“We need a bigger chicken.”

Flights of digital fancey.
Craig Johnson Choca Cola
What happens if you’re standing next to someone who wins $1,000,000; and you don’t like them?

Cash Daddy
Short on cash? In a financial pinch? Call the Cash Daddy!
Mike McClellan Beer Goggles
Alcohol is in the mind of the beholder.
Demian Leggo
A sweet sprite glides through the gray streets of a waterfront cityscape.

Gertie Takes a Trip to the Moon and a Man Recycles
From dinosaur - to moon talk - to a human dance. Frame-by-frame on paper animation.
Eric Colley Even Angels Cry
Coping with illness.
Cary Silberman Palette Lost
Palette Lost, a mockumentary, focuses on a self-absorbed artist and a non-English speaking, semi-nude model.
t e s The Carpenter
A modern day metaphor for the oppression-driven cult experience.
Mark P. Willner My Miracle
A young girl finds that the miracle of human kindness is perhaps the greatest miracle of all. No matter from whom or where it comes. Ironically, however, it is taken away from her by those who think they know what is best!
Rick Danford Bloody Mary
When a group of party goers decide to try and conjure up “Bloody Mary,” they find that some Urban Legends are real.
Johnny Wu John Doe - Vigilante
Who is John Doe? One Night, John Doe discovered nefarious activities in an abandon warehouse.
Steven Brooks The Walkers
A thriller about a young fundamentalist who goes door-to-door spreading her religious doctrine. When she makes the mistake of knocking on a door where a deranged man holds a family hostage, her beliefs are tested in a game that will determine the family’s fate.
Ken Westermann Mercy
A brief, final encounter.

End Games
Reflections of a failed relationship.

The bomb is ticking, but which wire to cut?

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