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Demian’s Film & Video Projects

DVD archive of 21 shorts
and excerpts: 1967-2006
Produced and Directed by Demian

These shorts represent more than 40 years of moving-picture artistic endeavors.

DVD Menu Notes
Shorts “Fog”

Doreen Newton in “Fog”
My first serious film, after making many tiny experiments. It is sort of Bergman/Antonioni-esque in tone. The original soundtrack used electronic music of Edgar Varèse and others. The new soundtrack combines use of electronic sounds I created and my rearrangement of a Mozart piece. Staring Doreen Newton, Becky Barron and Demian. Shot on 16mm, in Boston.
(1967 / re-edit 2001) - 4:17 min.

Dia Sorum in “Permission”
Dia Sorum wrote the story. She acted in it, along with her brother Ray Woodall, who is also a playwright and screenwriter. I shot, edited it, and added my arrangement of a computer-generated musical loop. Shot with an 8mm digital video camera, March 10, 2005, in Seattle.
(2005) - 3 min.
“Summer 68”

Norm Coburn in “Summer 68”
This was shot at one of the summer camps I worked at as an arts and dramatics counselor. All the multi-image shots where produced in-camera by running the film through the camera two or three times. Many clips where shot single-frame, in effect, animating the kids running around. The sounds are of kids, dogs, and the camp director (Uncle Mel) singing “We’ve Got a Cow Down on the Farm” which he sung to kids for nearly three decades. There is also my arrangement of computer-generated musical loops. Shot on 8mm film at Camp Tall Timber, Mohegan Lake, New York.
(1968 / re-edit 2001) - 4:02 min.
Projects “Director’s Commentary”

Sweet Jill (Chelsea Teller)
and debonaire Jack (Andrew
Scott McIntyre) in
“Director’s Commentary”
A house party host attempts to play matchmaker. While mutually attracted, the two guests she has in mind to match have very different fantasies about each other. Ultimately, we learn the dark secrets that lie behind their social masks. Throughout the entire video we hear the director’s commentary — just like on some fancy DVD videos — only you cannot shut the egotistical narrative off. The soundtrack utilizes my arrangement of a tango. This excerpt is pulled from the 21 min. video (14 min. story; 5:00 min. of bloopers). Shot on DVcam video in Seattle, and released in December 2004.
(2004) - excerpt - 1:49 min.
Click here for more on “Director’s Commentary.”
“The Fight Before Christmas”

Bruce (Erik Maahs) is
defensive when Bill (Mark
Johnson) vents his fury
because Bruce won’t tell
his mom they are in a
committed relationship - in
“The Fight Before Christmas”
A heart-warming story of Bruce and Bill, a male couple, loosely based on Clement Moore’s familiar poem, “The Night Before Christmas.” Bruce pretends his mom is Santa, while she pretends the two men are just roommates. But it is Bill, not Santa, who hits the roof. This video is an expanded version of the popular choral work of the same title. The video, originally running 20 min., won runner-up in the comedy category in a national, video contest in 1993. Music direction by Steve Bryant. Music by Scott Henderson and lyrics by Debbie Greig. Shot on Hi-8 video, in Seattle during the 1993 record-breaking cold winter in an unheated garage.
(1993) - excerpt - 7:30 min.
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“Scaredy-Kate & the Monsters -or- How to Pay the Rent”

“Scaredy-Kate & the Monsters
-or- How to Pay the Rent”
A skittish, fearful youth is required to seek a treasure by undertaking a dangerous journey; otherwise, she and her mother will loose their home. “Scaredy-Kate” is a half-hour story that combines classical music composed by Joseph Haydn, with string and hand puppets in a fanciful tale about courage. “Scaredy-Kate” had a well-received premiere as a live marionette performance at Seattle’s 1982 Bumbershoot Festival. This December 2004 excerpt was shot on DVcam video in Seattle to test the feasibility of producing a video version with computer-generated backgrounds. It has some dialogue and music.
(2004) - green screen test - 1:00 min.
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Corporate “Greetings” - for PATH

Chris Ellias in “Greetings”
PATH’s president, Chris Ellias, gave a welcome to new associates in their global health network. I edited the script, and recorded the video, as well as a series of audio clips. Shot on DVcam video in my Seattle studio on November 29, 2004.
(2004) - excerpt - 0:36 min.
“Kiwi Scoops” - for Publicis USA

Kiwi fruit in “Kiwi Scoops”
To interest New Zealand kiwi promotion association, I shot a simulated grocery store campaign designed to stimulate kiwi awareness and consumption. A series of “shoppers” were told about a charity campaign, asked to sample the fruit and offer their opinions. Shot on DVcam video and edited on January 20, 2003, in Seattle.
(2003) - excerpt - 0:32 min.
“Nue 2000” - for AmKor

Bob Abbott in “Nue 2000”
I edited the script and shot Bob Abbott, president of the pharmaceutical company AmKor. The video news release was made to run on South Korean TV. Shot on DVcam video in my Seattle studio on October 31, 2006.
(2006) - excerpt - 1:06 min.
“The French Will Never Forget” - for Publicis USA

“The French Will Never Forget”
I edited various TV reports on the commemorations made to honor the debt the French feel for the U.S. assistance and liberation in the WW-II efforts. Edited from TV news copy service files in Seattle on September 4, 2003.
(2003) - 2:49 min.
“Magic Miles” - for Publicis USA

“Magic Miles”
I shot the PR team as they prep, en route, for a publicity event at Sea-Tac airport for Asiana Airlines. In the airport, lots of kids just debarked and look only a little jet-lagged. The shots of the kids and various officials were edited into a video news release meant to run on South Korean TV. Shot on Hi-8 video in Seattle, August 15, 1995.
(1995) - excerpt - 5:28 min.
Animation “LEGGO”

Bonnie Jo Bainbridge
in “LEGGO”
A sweet sprite glides through the gray streets of a waterfront cityscape. Her legs do not move as she wafts through the various locations. The film utilizes “pixilation” technique, a form of animation that uses people or objects rather than drawings. The original edit, which ran 6:20 min., was shown at many festivals and screenings during 1968-71. In 2001, I undertook a re-edit, adding a new sound track, with my arrangement of a computer-generated musical loop, and various sound effects. It was shot in New York City on 16mm film in the winter of 1968. The re-edit was completed in Seattle in October 2001.
(1968 / re-edit 2001) - 3:17 min.
Click here for more on “LEGGO.”
“Gertie Takes a Trip to the Moon and a Man Recycles”

The Moon and pals in
“Gertie Takes a Trip to the
Moon and a Man Recycles”
A dinosaur hatches, then she disintegrates as a moon and stars are formed. A flying space vehicle treks into the moon, and, inside, an embryo evolves into an old man. All this takes place within one-and-a-half minutes. The frame-by-frame on paper animation is partly an homage to some of the earliest filmmakers. It was drawn in 1971 in Amherst, Massachusetts, and shot onto 8mm film and 16mm film. In Seattle, in 2001, I digitally captured, into DVcam, the original drawings, frame-by-frame. The soundtrack utilizes my arrangement of a computer-generated musical loop, plus a snip of a sitar drone, squeaks, motor sounds, tinkle noise, and one, lovely, three-word spoken sentence.
(1971 / re-shot 2001) - 1:30 min.
Click here for more on “Gertie Takes a Trip to the Moon and a Man Recycles.”

Bruce MacDonald in “Juicie”
Two guys travel through the woods, without any visible means of locomotion. This film was made with the single-frame, shot-by-shot animation technique called “pixilation.” The soundtrack utilizes my arrangement of a computer-generated musical loop. This was shot on 8mm film in Amherst, Massachusetts in 1972.
(1972 / re-edit 2001) - 1:47 min.
Documentary “Timeless Wisdom: Being the Knowing”

Ven. Thubten Chodron in
“Timeless Wisdom:
Being the Knowing”
Ven. Thubten Chodron and Ven. Ajahn Amaro discuss the benefits and some techniques of meditation practice, on February 28, 1995. On November 23, 1996, I shot a second program called “Timeless Wisdom: Bringing Compassion to Living and Dying” which was a discussion with Ven. Thubten Chodron and Lee Paton from Buddhist and Catholic points of view. Deanna Sheriff was producer and co-editor on both peices. I also shot a series of four lectures by Ven. Thubten Chodron. All these projects were shot on Hi-8 video in Seattle.
(1995) - excerpt - 8:00 min.

The entire movie is available here:
        Timeless Wisdom: Being the Knowing - DVD
“The Right to Marry”

Rev. Mel White in
“The Right to Marry”
This was the first documentary ever made about the struggle for the civil right of legal marriage for same-sex couples. Written and directed by Demian, the original video ran 72 minutes. This excerpt contains interviews with Rev. Mel White, (author: “Stranger at the Gate: To be gay and Christian in America”), and Phyllis Burke (author: “Family Values: A lesbian mother’s fight for her son”). The original video — which is no longer in print — also included: Richard Mohr (author: “A More Perfect Union”), Kevin Cathcart (director, Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund), Faygele benMiriam (who, along with Paul Barwick, sued Washington state for legal marriage in 1971), Benjamin Cable-McCarthy (who, along with partner Marcial Cable-McCarthy, sued California in 1993), Susan Reardon (co-director, Hawaii Equal Rights Marriage Project), Evan Wolfson (co-counsel, Hawaii marriage suit, and director, “The Marriage Project” at Lambda Legal). Shot on Hi-8 video in 1996, during the 1995 Seattle Gay Pride Parade, with interviews shot over a two-year period in my Seattle studio.
(1996) - excerpt - 7:00 min.
Click here for more on “The Right to Marry.”
Promos “Jilly Eddy - Lipsologist”

“Jilly Eddy - Lipsologist”
This short was made to promote Jilly’s lipsology services (the art of reading the lines in the lips - similar to palm reading). We videotaped her narrative, which wove together still portraits I shot of her, stills from her appearances at various events, and footage from TV of her being interviewed on the national “Crook & Chase” show, as well as on NW Cable News. Shot on DVcam video on July 30, 2004 in my Seattle studio, the edit was finished on August 3, 2004.
(2004) - 4:42 min.
“The Silent One”

Elves (Darla Wigley, Moira
Klackner) entice the Silent
One (Larry Crist) to drink
Elvin wine (which has no
equal) in “The Silent One”
I did the edit, foley, and additional forest videography (on DVcam video), for this promotional short in August 2000 in Seattle. “The Silent One,” written and directed by Ray Woodall, is a sword and sorcery fantasy, with a noir edge. The Silent One hero keeps a vow of silence as he rids the countryside of the forces of darkness. There are many battles, and a Gnome, a Witch, as well as Dryads, Ogres, Elves, Druids, Villagers, Wildmen, Northmen, Northwives, and She-Devils. The only horror it did not have was Elvis.
(2000) - 4:29 min.
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Still Gallery “Portraits”

Dave, Kendra, and Radar
in “Portraits”
People on the street, friends, relations, portrait jobs. These shots were made with various digital and 35mm film cameras, and date from the 1960s-2007, mostly in Seattle.
(2005) - 2:00 min.

I enjoy gardening. These images come out of that passion and amazement at what plants look like when seen through a macro lens. These shots were made with various digital and 35mm film cameras, and date from the 1960s-2007, in Massachusetts and Seattle.
(2005) - 2:45 min.

Some images were of children seen on the street, and many were taken at the summer camps I worked at as an arts and dramatics counselor for 7 seasons. These shots were made with various digital and 35mm film cameras, and date from the 1960s-2005, in Boston, New York, and Seattle.
(2005) - 1:30 min.

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