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Two by Demian

“Two by Demian” contains a comedy and a documentary,
which have absolutely nothing to do with each other.
Except, perhaps, the fact that Demian produced,
wrote and directed both of them.

DVD Menu Notes

“Director’s Commentary”
a comedy ... 21 min.

Sweet Jill (Chelsea Teller)
and debonaire Jack (Andrew
Scott McIntyre) in
“Director’s Commentary”
A house party host attempts to play matchmaker. While mutually attracted, the two guests she hopes to match have very different fantasies about each other. Ultimately, we learn the dark secrets that lie behind their social masks.

Throughout the entire video we hear the director’s commentary — just like on some fancy DVD videos — only you cannot shut the egotistical narrative off.

The sound track utilizes Demian’s arrangement of a tango. The story runs 15 minutes, with another 6 minutes of bloopers and outtakes. Shot on DVcam video in Seattle, and released in December 2004.

Click here for more about “Director’s Commentary.”

“T’ai Chi Chuan with Master T.T. Liang”
a documentary ... 28 min.

Master T.T. Liang
in “T’ai Chi Chuan”
This documentary contains an interview with Master Liang and his performance of 5 T’ai Chi dances. Two of these are sword dances and two are two-person dances with his assistant, Alice Crooks.

Master Liang (Jan 23, 1900-Aug 19, 2002) lived and taught in the U.S. about 30 years. Demian was a student of his in the early 70s.

Use your remote’s Subtitle button to access English subtitles of the interview, and the names of each posture for the first dance of the series. This movie was supported by a grant from Smith College, Northampton, Mass., where it was filmed. Shot on 16mm reversal b/w (with a magnetic sound track) on August 28, 1971, and re-edited in March 2010.

“Two by Demian” on DVD
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