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Demian as a White Goth
Demian’s Theater & Film Roles
Emerald’s City

Demian plays a “white goth” in the disco scene of — and also was camera operator for — the fourth episode of the video production, Emerald’s City … a soap.

Twelve-year-old Emerald moves to Seattle from a life of Hollywood glamour as a child actress. While she is considered a has-been in the youth-oriented eyes of the entertainment business, she maintains a buoyant and positive attitude. She assumes, of course, that Seattle’s nickname — the Emerald City — was chosen in her honor.

Emerald finds Northwest life to be filled with strange, off-beat people. During her adventures she meets: her uncle Bufford (recently from a mental institution); his wife, Pammy the FBI agent (they first met when she arrested him); Consentia (Emerald’s fan club president and owner of the Mexican cantina which is the city’s gossip and activity hub); the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence; and a slew of multi-ethnic, multi-sexually-orientated characters.

Demian as a “white goth” in the disco
photo: Demian

White goth Demian
sans the sixties background effect
photo: Demian

The forces of black goths and white goths:
Demian, Patrick Alden Moore,
Micheal Blue Levis, Shannon
bottom: Squirrel
photo: Paul Hagopian, Dementia Studios

White goth Demian
moonlights as a camera operator
photo: Paul Hagopian, Dementia Studios

The teleplay utilizes original music by Haste, a Seattle-based band. It includes the song “Like Stealing” which accompanies key segments.

Emerald’s City is the brainchild of Patrick Alden Moore, 36-year veteran actor in television and film. His company, Shoestring Productions, intended to created a total of four, half-hour episodes, and hoped to market it for network production.

The first half-hour episode of Emerald’s City aired on Seattle’s Public Access Cable Channel on June 23, 1999. The second on August 25, 1999, and the third in September 1999. The fourth episode was never completed.

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