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Demian as the “Master” (aka Herr Doktor) in “Fetch & Sit”
Demian’s Theater & Film Roles

For the character of the Master, Demian playing a psychiatrist with a German accent — sounding very much like a combination of Ludwig von Drake (the one who psychoanalyzed Donald Duck) and Dr. Ruth (who counsels the rest of the nation).

The story centers on a man who used to be a dog and is having a hard time adjusting to being human. He goes for counseling, not only because his difficulties, but because Herr Doktor used to be his master when he was a dog.

“Master/Doktor (Demian) offers advice”

Making sure the bow tie is crooked.

How big did you say that was?

The Doktor (Demian) and his
Client (Bryan MacFadden).

A serious moment.

Preliminary rehearsal with the
director, Bryan MacFadden.

The film, Fetch & Sit, is an independent, black and white short film produced by Ipse Dixit Films. The writer and director is Bryan MacFadden, who also plays the main character in the film. The director of photography is Dave Crowther.

These images where shot by the production designer, Linda Lane, during the shoot in November 1998.

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