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The Fight Before Christmas
A video musical comedy about a same-sex couple and family values
Directed by Demian

The Fight Before Christmas is the heart-warming story of Bruce and Bill, a male couple, loosely based on Clement Moore’s familiar poem, “The Night Before Christmas.” In this version, Bruce pretends his mom is Santa and she pretends the couple are just roommates. But it’s Bill, not Santa, who hits the roof.

Originally produced as a 20-minute VHS, this video is now available as a 7:30 minute excerpt on Demian’s Film & Video Projects DVD.

This video is an expanded version of the popular choral work (of the same title) commissioned by three gay choruses. This video won runner-up in the comedy category in a national, independent video contest in 1993.

Three angels arive to prevent escalating arguments
between Bruce and Bill. This won’t be easy because
the angels themselves are argumentative.

“Santa from Hell”
Bruce is defensive when Bill vents his fury.
All because Bruce won’t tell his mom
that they are in a committed relationship.

Mom (with twig in beard from having climbed
the trellis) is off-put when Bill remarks on
“Santa” carrying a purse.

“Not the Santa”
The angels tread fearfully.

Bruce, finally confronted, admits to being gay and
loving Bill. But to get to this happy ending, does
he admit to knowing that “Santa” is really his mom?

Angels (Ray Woodall, Brady Leet and Jim Hayes)
guard over partners Bruce (Erik Maahs)
and Bill (Mark Johnson).
Incognito is Bruce’s mom (Pat Parly).

A Sweet Corn Production
in cooperation with Partners Task Force
Produced and directed by Demian
Music direction by Steve Bryant
Music by Scott Henderson and lyrics by Debbie Greig

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A 7½ min. short from this video is available — along with
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and excerpts on “Demian’s Film & Video Projects” DVD.

These shorts represent more than 40 years of moving-picture artistic endeavors. This archive DVD includes 21 of Demian’s short films, and excerpts from larger projects.

More on this DVD’s contents: Demian’s Film & Video Projects

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