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Hey, Citizen
Demianís writing

Hey, Citizen is an anti-war street theater piece. It is meant to be performed by two oversized puppets. It can be recited by the puppeteers or by others. Please contact Demian for performance permission.

Hey, Citizen
© 2003, Demian
        Hey, citizen, heed the wisdom I dispense.
        Youíre so lucky to be in my presence.

        All the Way!
        Wow, itís the emperor. O.K.!

        Listen up, I got a job for you to toil.
        My oil interests need protecting on foreign soil.

        What say?
        Will not solar and wind power play?

        Be a good little grunt and pack your duffel.
        Itís your patriotic duty, get goiní, shuffle.

        To go away?
        Leave home today?

        It wonít take long, and you get a decoration.
        I can use all the soldiers from íround the nation.

        Unless gay.
        Or sick, or old and gray.

        If youíre not with me, you must be terrorism incarnate.
        Donít hesitate, I am your dully-elected head of state.

        No way, it was a high court power play.
        Emperor, you have feet of clay.

        Youíre like all others who sympathize with the foe.
        First in my computers, then to my prisons you will go.

        Have you tried alternatives, like real diplomacy, say?
        Or would you toss the constitution and bill of rights away?

        No matter how much peace mongering you contrive.
        Citizen, now you are the wanted, dead or alive.

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