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Tall Timber Summer Camp Kids - 1965
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These photos were taken in the summer of 1965, except for the last two images, which were shot a couple of years earlier. All are of the campers at the Tall Timber bungalow colony day camp, in Mohegan Lake, N.Y. Stories about the camp experience (including many photos and an alumni page) are located in: Tall Timber Tales


Mitchell Schecter

Ellen Lefkowitz

Marshall Adelson


Richie Oxman

Mark Mallowitz

Larry  , Gary Rucker, Phil Glotzer, Paul Thailer
My 1962 group of campers on an overnight stay in the woods.
“Hey, did anyone remember to bring the TP?”

The images on this page were all shot in black and white Tri-X with a Yashica 35mm single lens reflex camera. They were scanned from prints that I made, and PhotoShop retouched.

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