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Stereoscopic Images - Part A
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Cactus, Volunteer Park, Seattle, Washington

And for those of you who can manage cross-eye viewing:
Shot with a hand-held digital camera, moving sideways between the shots. Care must be taken to keep the shots aligned on the horizontal, so the left and right shots can be matched properly.

Sweet Corn Biz Card
This graphic was created in PhotoShop. The disk resulted from playing with filters. Each line of type is moved laterally, to differing degrees, which produces spacial differences. The line for “Sweet Corn” was further altered by using the “warp text” control on the left-hand image, which produces a twisting spacial phenomenon.

Nature Lad
This image uses the same 3-D techniques I employed for a series of images which were utilized by a Publicis, a public relations firm. The images I made for them were embedded in a PowerPoint presentation they used to vie for an account. Publicis gave red/cyan anaglyph glasses to all at their pitch meeting, and projected the 3-D presentation about seven feet wide. They won the account.

The techniques I used in this image start with scattering leafy patterns on several layers in PhotoShop, which are set to different depths. The Seattle Space Needle is a straight, flat, digital shot I made, from which I removed all background. The Needle’s antenna was separated and placed on a separate level. The lad on the cell phone was a cut-out from a digital shot I took of him surrounded by numerous people in a public park. The moon disk was drawn.

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