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Inseparable Pieces: A Sequence of Power Plays
Demianís Theater & Film Roles
Demian was director, script editor, and had singing/acting roles

top: Deni Lee, Roland Green
middle: Laurie Brandt, korina, Ed
bottom: Ruth Levy, Sandy Ruben
photo: Demian
The playís purpose was to show ways of combatting sexism and anti-gay sentiment, and building unity among diverse peoples. To help thematically unify such diverse ends, a large silk scarf wove its way through the various scenes; becoming a motherís head scarf in one scene, tug-of-war rope in another, and so on. At playís end, each performer related how they had spoken out against various kinds of oppression at some time in their life.

Inseparable Pieces was created out of three-months of improvisational workshops. The improvs were based on participantís personal life experiences during which they had witnessed some form of oppression. Demian based the script on audio tape recordings of the improvisations.

top: korina, Roland Green, Ed, Laurie Brandt, Deni Lee
bottom: Demian, Sandy Ruben, Ruth Levy
photo: Demian
While all pictured above participated in the workshops, the play performers only included Laurie Brandt, Demian, Roland Green and Deni Lee.

Company members were from diverse racial, sexual orientation, economic and ethnic backgrounds, reflecting the playís and Sweet Cornís commitment to equality of all people. Inseparable Pieces played during the summer of 1979 and was utilized as a successful fund raiser for the Metropolitan Community Church of Boston.

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