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Scaredy-Kate and the Monsters
— or —
How to Pay the Rent
A Marionette Opera
Written and Directed by Demian
With Music by Joseph Haydn
Scaredy-Kate - excerpt

Scaredy-Kate and the Monsters — or — How to Pay the Rent
Excerpt - 1:43 min.

A skittish, fearful youth is required to seek a
treasure by undertaking a dangerous journey;
otherwise, she and her mother will loose their home.

Scaredy-Kate combines classical music with string and hand puppets in a fanciful tale about courage.

During her travels to find the treasure, three monsters attempt to enslave or destroy her. Through these encounters, she finds the courage to face her deepest fears.

Scaredy-Kate distinguishes itself as an engaging tale, told through charming and skilled puppetry. It contains eight songs, sung to the classical music of Joseph Haydn..

An earlier one-minute green screen test, with dialogue and music, is available on an archive DVD containing 22 shorts and excerpts, called:
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