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Demian in Northern Exposure
Demian’s Theater & Film Roles

I played a citizen of Cicely, Alaska in two episodes of the TV series Northern Exposure.

I participated in a town meeting, in
      “Democracy in America” (season 3, episode 15 - aired 2/24/92).

Again, I was a townsperson — only this time in 1909 — in
      “Cicely” (season 3, episode 23 - aired 5/18/92).

In “Cicely,” the formation of the town itself was depicted. The following two images are from that story.

Rob Morrow, Janine Turner, Demian
In the tavern listening a poetry reading.

Frank Prinzi, director of photography

Demian, John Cullem
In the bar before the town’s transformation.

Frank Prinzi, director of photography

“Cicely” was an extraordinary story about how two women, who were life partners, performed a miracle and transform a wilderness into a thriving town and cultural center.

Demian (and yet another uncredited background extra)
In the outfit he wore in the “Cicely” story.
photo: Demian

“Cicely” was scripted by Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider. The story was beautifully shot, in 1992, by Frank Prinzi. The director, Rob Thompson, also worked on another TV series called Cold Feet, in which I also worked as an extra.

Most of the Northern Exposure stories centered around the (sometimes rather quirky) members of the small town of Cicely in present-day Alaska. The town was physically isolated, which had the effect of magnifying the tribulations its citizens experienced. It often presented a charming mixture of drama and comedy. Northern Exposure ran on CBS, and aired from 1990 to 1995, and ran for 110 episodes. The show later ran in syndication on the Arts and Entertainment cable network.

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