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On the Learning Channel
“Unnatural History”

The character Nostradamus was performed by Demian for the Learning Channel as part of their “Unnatural Histories” series. This particular installment, the fourth, was called “Prophecies and Ghostly Voices” because of its focus on the supernatural. It was narrated by Mark Hamill.

Nostradamus was a physician in the 1500s, who successfully healed victims of the plague. He has also been remembered because he wrote poetic verses which seemed to foretell cataclysmic events. At one point, he was hired by the Queen of France, Catherine de Medici, but offered little solace to her when he predicted horrible deaths for her children.


Writing down the future

Entering a trance to gain
knowledge of the future

Upon divining the death
of Catherine’s children

Conjuring visions of the future

These images are from “Unnatural Histories” as it aired in May and August, 1998. The costume was created by Maggie Brown. The video production company was Dove/Four Point. Direction and cinematography by John Tindall, who did a superb job.
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