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Steve Bryant’s Concert Program Notes

Through the decades of producing musical plays, concerts and related events, Steve Bryant has researched and written the program notes for scores of, well, um, scores. Click on the concert titles below to see the texts read by concert-goers as they listened to the musical works.
  • Questions and Answers from a Countertenor
             male alto singing — history and technique
  • Baroque Marian Music
             Salve Regina in A minor - Domenico Scarlatti
             Stabat Mater - Antonio Vivaldi
             Stabat Mater - Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
  • Poetry in Song
             Three Quartets - Josef Haydn
                      Alles hat seine Zeit
                      Die Beredsamkeit
             Journey of the Magi (Canticle IV, Op. 86) - Benjamin Britten
             Three Quartets - Johannes Brahms
                      Wechsellied zum Tanze (Op. 31, No. 1)
                      Der Abend (Op. 64, No. 2)
                      Warum (Op. 92, No. 4)
             From Jewish Folk Poetry (Op. 79) - Dmitri Schostakovich
             La Passeggiata - Gioachino Rossini
  • Love Songs Carnal & Divine
             Occhi, perchè piangete? - Agostino Steffani
             Conservate, raddoppiate - Georg Friedrich Händel
             “Mercè,” grido piangendo Luci serene e chiare - Carlo Gesualdo
             O Jesu mi dulcissime - Girolamo Frescobaldi
             Taci Armelin - Claudio Monteverdi
             Non havea Febo ancora (in three parts)- Claudio Monteverdi
             Perchè t’en fuggi o Fillide - Claudio Monteverdi
             Tanti strale - Georg Friedrich Händel
             Sonetto spirituale: Maddalena alla Croce - Girolamo Frescobaldi
             Sotto il tremulo ciel (from Medea) - Pier Francesco Cavalli
             Venite venite - Claudio Monteverdi
             O bone Jesu - Claudio Monteverdi
             Pur ti miro (from Poppea) - Claudio Monteverdi (attr.)
             O quam tu pulcra es - Alessandro Grandi
             Dolcissimo uscignolo - Claudio Monteverdi
  • Orfeo ed Euridice - C.W. Gluck
  • 3 CounterTenors Celebrate Purcell
             Sound the Trumpet (Come, Ye Sons of Art, Away) - Henry Purcell
             Ode on the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell - John Blow
             Dialogue Between Coridon and Mopsa (The Fairy Queen) - Purcell
             Cloe Found Amintas - Blow
             Triumph Victorious Love (Dioclesian) - Purcell
             Strike the Viol (Come, Ye Sons of Art, Away) - Purcell
             One Charming Night (The Fairy Queen) - Purcell
             From Rosy Bowers (Don Quixote, Part III) - Purcell
             Ah Heav’n! What is’t I Hear? - Blow
             Hosanna to the Highest - Purcell
             O sole mio - Eduardo di Capua
             Indian Love Call - Rudolf Friml, O. Harback, O. Hammerstein II (encore song)
  • Courtly Love and The Kingdom of God
             Ave Maris Stella - John Dunstable (1370-1453)
             Quam Pulcra Es - John Dunstable
             Sancta Maria - John Dunstable
             Edi Beo Thu Hevene Quene - Anonymous (14th century)
             Alas Departynge is Ground of Woo - Anonymous (15th century)
             Sweet Kate - Robert Jones
             Ah Robyn, Gentil Robyn - William Cornysh (died c. 1523)
             Doe You Not Know - Thomas Morley (1557-1602)
             Cease Mine Eyes - Thomas Morley
             Come Shepherd Swain - John Wilbye (1574-1628)
             As Fair as Morn - John Wilbye
             Cloe Found Amintas - John Blow (1649-1708)
             With that Sublime Celestial Lay - Henry Purcell (1659-1695)
             Upon a Quiet Conscience - Henry Purcell
             Blessed is He - Henry Purcell
             Hosanna to the Highest - Henry Purcell
             Hear Me, O Lord - Henry Purcell
             Triumph Victorious Love - Henry Purcell
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