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Our Old Gang Grows Up: A Vaudeville Romp
Written and directed by Demian

A sweet and silly piece of vaudeville based on the childhood gang, now matured into their teens. When Karla leaves the boys alone, Hanky and Alf confess they love each other. Karla runs into her screen idol, Betty Boo, at the supermarket and the two women consider getting romantically involved. The discomfort of shifting allegiances provokes a battle between the males and females. All ends well as they encourage the audience to sing along with ďIím in the Mood for Love.Ē

Gregory Wolfson (Alf), A. Nile Baird, Jr. (Hanky),
Maria Issacs (Karla), Marlane Balcom (Betty Boo)
photo: Demian

Maria Issacs (Karla), Marlane Balcom (Betty Boo)
Gregory Wolfson (Alf), A. Nile Baird, Jr. (Hanky)
photo: Demian
Our Old Gang Grows Up was written and directed by Demian. The music direction was by Steve Bryant. Production assistance by Sam Shimabukuro. The play contains five songs of the 1920s and 30s.

The play was commissioned by, and premiered at, the Gay Theater Festival in Seattle in June 1985. It was re-written in October 2001.

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