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The Perilous Fight: America’s World War II in Color
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Demian does voice-overs - PBS

The Perilous Fight: America’s World War II in Color, is a four-part documentary series for PBS that presents a stunning account of America’s monumental contribution to the winning of World War Two.

Astoundingly vibrant and powerful archival film footage was retrieved from all over the world, and combined with first-hand accounts of the experiences of the soldiers, their families, and politicians. The Perilous Fight is a fantastic record of a global war, as well as of the role in it that is played by racism.

The voice-overs Demian performed were taken from two soldier’s letters and diary accounts. They appear in the forth installment of the series. These words proved to be very emotional for Demian to perform:

Sound File: Demian as Captain Orville Lamott


Sound File: Demian as Lt. Eugene Reid


One other voice Demian recorded, but was not used in the final show, was that of Darryl F. Zanuck who was in North Africa on the front line making a movie. Zanuck’s words were taken from the book he wrote about that experience, “Tunis Expedition.”

The series production team was led by Martin Smith, whose credits include the Emmy Award-winning PBS series, Vietnam: A Television History, and the Turner/CNN series, Cold War.

Narration for the series was provided by Martin Sheen. Perilous Fight aired in February 2003.

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