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Rudolph Gillespie Decorative Arts

Rudy Gillespie
Rudy Gillespie

I am a professional color consultant specializing in faux finishes. During a consultation, I dedicate my expertise to interpreting what you envision for your space.

This work is a full collaboration. It brings your thoughts and dreams about your space into a practical reality that you can happily live in. I act as an intermediary to bring about color changes, furniture arrangements, and decorative detail. I can, with my various painting and design skills, accomplish this in a timely and economical way.

The approach I take to my craft is highly intuitive. When I walk into a room, I visualize color combinations, and areas that can be accentuated.

I ask you to describe how you experience presently living in your home, and what you want your home to become. It is not enough to hear, for instance, I want this room to have a beige tone. I press for elaboration until I hear something that speaks to a more emotional context, such as, I want to feel like Im back in California, or I want this space to be a safe haven from the rigors of my job.

We also dialogue in order to hear what your needs are for improving or enhancing your space. Because of your very personal participation, which informs the color and other decorative choices to an astounding degree, your space can undergo a powerful transformation.

During the consultation process, I outline a total design picture. This includes the scope, priorities, timeline, and costs of the project. Once this assessment is made, my practical work can proceed.

I sometimes recommend other trades people to perform specialty work, and resources for buying furniture, decorative items, and materials. My forté is the envelope of walls, ceilings, cabinetry, trims, and architectural elements that I would paint. Even if you wish another painter to perform the labor, I provide a detail color scheme for him or her to follow.

My consultation fee is $xxx for the Seattle area, with reasonable increments for outside travel. It lasts about 2½ hours. After the consultation, I answer additional questions by phone, or by e-mail, for no additional charge.

You can expect me to be respectful of your home, attentive to its care, honest, security conscious, discreet, and fair in my dealings with you.

I welcome the opportunity to meet you, and serve your desire for a gracious and beautiful environment.

1746 NW 57th St. #401, Seattle, WA 98107

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