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Rudolph Gillespie Decorative Arts

Rudy Gillespie has made my homes into beautiful, peaceful places for more than 30 years. From my earliest barely-affordable apartments near Washington, D.C. to my current urban hideaway overlooking San Francisco Bay, Rudy has “done my colors,” and done them beautifully.

In his uniquely sensitive style, Rudy always knew what was best to create tranquil and beautiful environments everywhere I have called home, since I left home. He’s a master of color selection and furniture placement (and home organization!), and his faux finishes have enhanced many rooms with their subtle effects.

Rudy knows how to put beautiful homes together that match the lifestyles of his clients. He’s done that for me, three decades and counting.

— Michael Susnow, San Francisco, Calif., May 13, 2005

Rudolph Gillespie Decorative Arts provides much more than decorating or painting services. I received personalized attention that suited my special needs. Rudy is my color and lifestyle therapist. He matched the design of my home environment to my personality, as well as my psychological and social needs.

He asked key questions to help him determine what my needs and desires were going to be for my new space and then designed the colors, finishes, furniture and accessories to provide a comforting yet exciting place to call home. The results are pure joy for me. Every time I walk in my condo I am so happy to be home. My friends want to congregate at my condo because the space is so inviting and beautiful to be in.

Rudy’s painting talents in terms of color mixing, finishes and putting the paint on the walls are amazing. His decorative painting of my fireplace has fooled everyone into thinking I have a magnificent marble mantle and surround. My daughter’s response was “no way” could that be paint — after living in the condo for more than six months. She believed she was looking at marble.

Our extensive discussion of the walls resulted in a balanced range of colors throughout the condo. Murals of metalicized stripes (unbelievably creative) and patterns of color on a bathroom ceiling add splash and sophistication to small spaces.

Rudy is not only my decorative specialist, he became a trusted advisor. His approach is make best use of the things you have and love, and to find simple (and often inexpensive) solutions to decorating issues. He doesn’t believe you have to spend a lot of money to have a gorgeous and comfortable living environment.

When I’ve taken his advice to remove clutter, rearrange furniture, and reorganize my accessories, I have always been pleased with the result, despite my initial doubts.

— Ellen Kret Porter, Seattle, Wash., May 29, 2005

I initially met Mr. Gillespie during his previous career as a mental health professional. At that time we had many professional contacts. On each of those instances, I was impressed with his competence and attention to detail.

After re-immersed himself in his university studies in art, with an emphasis on color, he established his new business as a professional colorist and painting contractor. After remodeling my home, I consulted Mr. Gillespie regarding selecting the interior and exterior colors. After preliminary discussions, Mr. Gillespie promptly presented a color design for my consideration. Without variation, I accepted his recommendations and hired him to paint.

He executed the project quickly, efficiently, and neatly. When he finished, I viewed his results as perfect.

All of my experience with Mr. Gillespie has been excellent. I was particularly impressed with his skill, intellect, resourcefulness, adaptability, professionalism, and thoroughness. In short, his work could not be improved upon.

From a personal standpoint, Mr. Gillespie has consistently been a delight. His sense of humor, affability, and determination are impressive. Over-riding all, is his integrity. He is committed to “doing the right thing,” without inclination to cut corners.

— Dr. Doug Allmon, Seattle, Wash., June 4, 2005

1746 NW 57th St. #401, Seattle, WA 98107

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