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The Silent One
Promo edited by Demian

Elves (Darla Wigley, Moira Klackner) entice
The Silent One (Larry Crist) to drink.
The Silent One, written and directed by Ray Woodall, is a sword and sorcery fantasy, with a noir edge. Keeping a vow of silence is only one quirk of our hero, as he rids the forest country of the forces of darkness. Roaming the countryside, he battles the agents of evil, and, finally, the Evil One himself. The story contains many battles and a host of odd characters such as a Gnome, a Witch, as well as Dryads, Ogres, Elves, Druids, Villagers, Wildmen, Northmen, Northwives, and She-Devils. The only horror it did not have was Elvis.

My involvement with The Silent One began after principal photography was shot in the summer of 2000. I edited the footage into four different promotional videos that could be used to raise more funding.

The screen captures below where typical of the supplemental forest scenes I shot as visual bridges for the promos.

Forest Shot by Demian.

Forest Flora by Demian.

The forest images I shot with a DVcam system. Computer editing utilized a Canopus capture card on an NT. The programs used were Premiere and Rex Edit.

The Silent One stabs a
Wildman (Scott Robinson) in the back

Friendly Gnome (Pamela Shane)
attempts to aid The Silent One

Ultimately, I edited four versions; from 1½ to 20 minutes long.

The 4½ minute version of The Silent One promo is on Demianís Film & Video Projects DVD:

These shorts represent more than 40 years of moving-picture artistic endeavors. This archive DVD includes 21 of Demianís short films, and excerpts from larger projects.

Demianís Film & Video Projects DVD is available from Amazon.com

More on the DVD contents:
Demianís Film & Video Projects

Demian says: ďRay Woodall is one of the finest screen writers I have ever read.Ē

He is available as a writing mentor and may be reached via
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