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Trouble Shooter

Water Clarity
Do I need to use a clarifier when using an ozonator?
While ozone is highly effective at oxidizing, it does not destroy clarifiers, or make them ineffective. Clarifiers are beneficial in ozonated spas by helping the filter keep the water clean.
Why is my spa is foaming?
There are several possible reasons for spa foam. One common cause is the rapidly moving water interacting with bathers who have soaps and detergents on their bodies and bathing suits. Showering before entering the spa helps prevent this problem, as well as using a de-foamer, such as Leisure Time FOAM DOWN.

Another cause of foam is soft water. Raise the calcium level to 150-400 ppm.

Organic waste build-up is a third cause. “Shocking” the spa on a regular basis oxidizes the wastes out of the water.

After shutting the spa off, odd-shaped white chips appear
on the bottom. What is this and where does it coming from?
Calcium deposits appear as scale on the heater elements. It flakes off from the action of the blowers and jets. A sequestering agent, such as Leisure Time SPA DEFENDER, can prevent this scaling by weekly application.

Should I treat my spa water the
same as I treat my pool water?
While pH and total alkalinity requirements are the same, the bromine or chlorine sanitizer levels for a spa should be kept between 3-5 ppm. Spa filters require more frequent cleaning. Plus, the water requires more frequent care to assure correct pH and sanitizer levels.

For further information, please see our Spa Maintenance Schedule Programs.

Why does the spa water cloud when adding a product, such as
Leisure Time pH BALANCE to lock the pH at the proper level?
pH locks are meant for water that has less than 150 ppm calcium hardness. We can test your water source to ensure using the proper product. The filter will remove any cloudiness, and you should clean the cartridge once the water has cleared.
Why not use soft water in my spa?
Soft water has a low calcium level. Too little calcium can cause corrosion, especially in heaters and other metal components. To increase water hardness to the recommended level of 150-400 ppm, add a product such as Leisure Time CALCIUM BOOSTER.

Conversely, too much calcium can cause wall and heating element scaling or cloudy water. To lower calcium, add a sequestering agent such as Leisure Time SPA DEFENDER.

I have water balancing trouble following a spa refill.
The pH is low and the total alkalinity is high.
Fix the low number first, whenever the pH and the total alkalinity are the opposite of one another. In this situation, add a pH increaser until it is within a normal pH range. Then, adjust total alkalinity by adding a pH level reducer. Using a product, such as Leisure Time pH BALANCE, after this will lock your pH into the proper range.
How often should I “shock” my spa water?
Frequency depends on the sanitizer and the bather load. If you are using the two-part bromine sanitizing system, we recommend that you shock each time you finish using your spa. If you are using chlorine or bromine tablets, we recommend that you shock at least once a week. If there are many bathers, or the water gets cloudy, shock more often.
Should I use a bromine or chlorine sanitizer?
We recommend both.

Bromine comes in both a tablet form and as a two-part system, and is effective over a wider pH range, doesn’t irritate your eyes or bleach bathing suits. Additionally, bromine doesn’t smell and is an effective sanitizer.

Chlorine has been traditionally used in pools, and is an effective sanitizer and oxidizer. Granular chlorine is the easiest form to use, and keeps water sparkling clean!

Please see our Spa Maintenance Schedule Programs: Bromine or Chlorine Program

My spa’s solid-state electronic controls
display error or gibberish messages.
Especially if your spa does not heat, try shutting off the power supply to the spa for about 30 minutes. Than reset the power and check the system. Sometimes this “reboot” procedure clears up the problem.
What does it mean if my Sundance Spa is displaying “FLO?”
A solid FLO display means the FLO switch is not opening and the switch then needs to be recalibrated, call our service department at 508-655-8266.

A flashing FLO display means the spa is trying to heat and the FLO switch is not closing Flashing FLO and O/H Messages: (Alternates flashing between FLO and temperature)

Turn the power off to the spa at the main breaker:

  1. Pull the filter out of the spa (make sure that nothing is floating in the spa that could get sucked into the filter area). Remove the socks (net filters) from the spa.
  2. After leaving the spa off for 45 minutes turn the spa back on and turn both pumps and air on for 45 minutes.
  3. If FLO message goes away, either replace the filter with a new filter or thoroughly clean your existing filter by soaking the filter in a solution of 16 oz. Filter Clean overnight and rinsing it until you see no residue in the rinse water.
  4. If the water has been changed recently and the filter has been cleaned, there may be an air lock. To resolve: remove the filter and place a garden hose in the plumbing area, turn the hose on at full force to dissipate the air bubble. Alternatively, with the power to the spa turned off, remove the large diverter knob by pulling straight up then loosening the diverter nut to allow the air to dissipate.
What does it mean if my Sundance Spa is displaying
dashes (----) known as a watchdog?
Turn off the circuit breaker for at least 45 minutes, and then turn back on. This will reset the spa.
My electrician is wiring my Sundance spa,
what amperage do we need?
Enabling 60 amp logic on a spa will allow pumps, the blower and the heater to run simultaneously.

850 Series:
Place a jumper on JP9 # 7, located ¾ of the way down on the left side of the circuit board

Sweetwater and Portofino series:
To enable 60 amp logic on a Sweetwater or Portifino spa, place a jumper on JP1 # 5/6, located in the top right corner of the circuit board

Other Stuff
What is the best way to clean a cartridge filter?
Use a filter cleaner designed specifically for cartridges. They contain both acids and detergents and ensure that all oils, lotions and minerals will be removed from the filter. Proper cleaning increases the longevity of the cartridge. Clean your cartridge filter once a month. Try Leisure Time FILTER CLEAN.

PS - Using a dishwasher will clean out the larger debris, but can also damage the fabric on the filter.

Do I need to use a sanitizer as well as an ozonator?
We recommend using both. Even though ozone is an effective oxidizer, destroying microorganisms, the ozone is has a relatively short life in hot water. Ozone is not present for a sufficient length of time to assure adequate sanitation of an entire tub, including the surfaces and plumbing. An ozonator reduces chlorine or bromine consumption.
Why is my spa not heating?
Make sure:
  • The water level covers all the jets. This affects the water flow.
  • The filter has soaked in Cartridge Filter Cleaner within the last four weeks. The filter should be replaced every 18 months. To test the theory that the spa filter may be the cause of a no-heat situation, we recommend you remove the filter completely, along with any floating items in the spa, and then reset the circuit breaker.
  • The controls are set in continuous heat mode (standard thermostat) and/or programmed for several hours of heating.
  • That Spa Defender is used biweekly. This prevents calcium buildup on the heater, causing inefficient heat transfer.
If Sundance Spa:
  • Shut off the spa and remove the filter.
    Check mode.
    When in economy mode, the spa models before 1999 will heat only when jets are activated or during filter cycles.
My OZONE is humming, is there something wrong?
Ozone humming is normal. It is the vibration of ozone being sucked through the Mazzi Injector.
My spa has no power or is not heating and
it is a cold winter day, what do I do?
If the spa has no power, or not heating, place a droplight with a 60 or 75-watt bulb inside the access panel over pump one. (Facing control panel, usually behind right wooden section) Make sure it is not touching any components or insulation and replace the wooden panel the as best it can be. Leave the cover on the spa to retain as much heat as possible.
The Sundance circulation pump on my spa is not working.
All Sundance models are equipped with a safety feature called “Summer Logic” This feature turns off the circulation pump when the water temperature in the spa rises to 2 degrees Fahrenheit above the set temperature. This phenomenon can occur in warmer weather because the circulation pump adds heat (while running) through the process of convection. If the ambient temperature is hot, the water does not cool as quickly and retains the heat for a longer period. Summer Logic disables the circulation pump and the heater to decrease the spas water temperature. If the circulation pump is off (no bubbles), the spa is not heating and appears dead. Fill the spa with cool water and change filter cycles from daytime to evening, when the temperature is cooler.
The pump on my Sundance spa is noisy.
2002 - 2004 Sundance Spas if the diverter is at the halfway point it will cause the pump to sound noisy.

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