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The EverFresh® system combines the power of ozone
(CD ozonator), mineral purifier and chlorine
The goal of this program is clean healthy water. The following instructions are based on average usage (1 -2 persons 3 times per week). An increase in bather load will dramatically affect water quality and require chemicals to be added more frequently.

Filling the Spa

  1. Circulate the spa water for at least 15 minutes before adding chemicals.
  2. Add one bottle of Metal Gon to the perimeter of the spa immediately after filling to neutralize iron, copper, and other minerals in the water.
  3. Test levels of total alkalinity and pH. Add Spa Up (to increase) or Spa Down (to decrease) to 80-120 total alkalinity and 7.2-7.6 pH as needed. Optional: add one bottle of pH Balance to help prevent pH drift.
  4. Place the Spa Mineral Purifier cartridge inside or beside the filter according to box directions.
  5. Add ½ oz. Chlorine to a level of .5 PPM (one half of 1 PPM).
  6. Keep the spa cover ON and LOCKED and the air controls closed when not using the spa to keep it warm and ready.


  1. Test water levels of total alkalinity, pH, and chlorine every few days and adjust as necessary to maintain a level of 7.2-7.6 pH and .5 PPM chlorine. (Extra chlorine may be needed after heavy use.)
  2. Add 2-4 oz. of Renew or 3-5 tablets of Oz oxidizing shock treatment at least once a week to reduce foam and odors.
  3. Add 2 oz. of Bright & Clear or 2 oz. of Scum Gon at least once every other week to keep the water clear. Alternate 2 oz. of Defender at least once every other week to keep scale and stain from building on the heater element and spa shell.

Clean the filter cartridge at least once a month by soaking in a solution of 16 oz. of Filter Clean and 4 gallons of water, then spray it with fresh water to rinse. Replace the filter cartridge every 18 months. Instant Cartridge Clean is used as a pretreatment before a soak, or if a full soak is not possible.

      Every Three Months

  1. Drain water and clean the spa shell every three months with Multi Purpose Cleaner, then rinse and polish the shell with Fast Gloss.
  2. Replace the Spa Mineral Purifier cartridge.
  3. Clean the spa cover and polish with 303 Protectant to preserve and protect the vinyl every three months.

Reseal redwood spa cabinets every year with wood preservative.

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New England Spas & Sunrooms - 800-258-5300 (Mass. only) - -
 Treatment     Frequency    Date Date Date Date Date Date Date Date Date Date Date Date
EverFresh® Mineral Purifier 4 months                        
Chlorine Granules 1/2 oz. *As Needed                        
pH - Spa Up/Down 2 oz. *As Needed                        
Oz Tabs/Renew (Shock) 1-2 Weeks                        
Bright & Clear 2 oz. Week 1 & 3                        
Defender 2 oz. Week 2 & 4                        
Filter Rinsed (if necessary) 7-10 Days                        
Filter Soaked Overnite Monthly                        
Drain Socks Cleaned Monthly                        
Water Change (Metal Gon) 3-4 Months                        
Scum Bug 2-3 Months                        
Cover Clean & Condition 3 Months                        
Cabinet Stained/Sealed 1-2 years                        
  * Check and maintain Bromine or Chlorine and pH levels every couple days.

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