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Demian’s Video Samples

“Araya’s Place”

This video is a 21 minute documentary which I produced from clips I made periodically from September 2011-to-June 2013. The movie features Araya, the creator of a successful Seattle, Thai restaurant — which opened in 1987 — and her reasons for changing it to vegan food in 1991. In the movie, Araya demonstrates two recipes, revealing the culinary secrets which helped make her food famous.

“Scaredy-Kate and the Monsters
How to Pay the Rent - excerpt”

A skittish, fearful youth is required to seek a treasure by undertaking a dangerous journey; otherwise, she and her mother will loose their home. March 28, 2012. Run time: 1:43
         For more on this production, please see: Scaredy Kate

“Water Main Leak”

An actual “water feature” bubbled up in front of my house. The Seattle Water Department crew did a great job locating and fixing the leak, and my basement is all the drier for it. This documentary was shot on December 3, 2011, edited on January 5, 2012, and runs 4:20 (a good deal less time than to actually dig, fix a water main, and fill a 6-foot deep trench).

“Jake Lockett - boxing”

Jake Lockett performs some shadow boxing and high kicks against a Thai jungle background. O.K., a photo of a Thai jungle, keyed over a green screen. I shot and edited the video. This 17 second video was shot in Seattle on August 8, 2010.


Jean Cocteau’s short stage play, “Orphée,” was directed by me in 1965. This 3 minute video was created in 2009 from stills I shot during rehearsal. More information on this production may be seen here: “Orphée”

“Floating Camera”

Here is a 5 minute demo reel of my shots, from various projects, that were made to move the camera in the style of a truck, pan, tilt, dolly, or combination that would complete other complex movements. In these clips, the camera was fastened to a pole, teeter-totter, boat, gimbal-based devices, wheel chair, tripod (used like a gimbal), and a crane. The primary purpose of these shots was to change the perspective and the relationship of subject-to-surroundings, in order to create visual surprise and greater audience involvement.

“Sweet Corn Productions Demo Reel”

Here are 4:05 minutes of excerpts from 7 commercial promotional and educational videos directed by me between 1995-2009. Many of these (in longer excerpts, at a higher resolution) are available on: “Demian’s Film & Video Projects - archive DVD”

Promo of “The Silent One”

A sword and sorcery, horror video scripted and directed by Ray Woodall. I shot the nature clips. I edited four promo versions — varying in length from 1.5-to-20 minutes — in 2000. This 4 min.version is also available at a higher resolution on: “Demian’s Film & Video Projects - archive DVD” More information and photos on this production may be seen here: “The Silent One”

Demian for KUOW - Sound Only
      Demian for KUOW
Demian reading a KUOW audio promo, done on spec.

Demian for KUOW - Video Version

This piece was scripted by Demian. Source text was the KUOW Web site “About” page. This 1:15 minute video was created on August 20, 2011. Shot at Sweet Corn Productions, using a green screen and a KUOW studio image background plate.

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