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Voice of an Angel: A Castrato Remembers
Written and directed by Demian

An 18th-century castrato looks back upon his successful career as a male soprano. He relives the agony of the operation to retain his high-pitched, prepubescent vocal range. He recalls his personal accomplishments, sexual experiences, a beloved teacher, and eventually faces fears of being alone and uncared for in his old age.

Steve Bryant, countertenor
photo: Demian
Voice of an Angel: A Castrato Remembers utilizes authentic 18th-century costume and the period music of Glück, Haydn and Mozart.

Little One and Steve Bryant, countertenor
photo: Demian
Voice of an Angel was written and directed by Demian. The music direction was by Steve Bryant. Pianist was Howard Hoyt.

Steve Bryant, countertenor, performed a solo tour de force, utilizing acuate 18th-century theater gesture, and a marionette figure — four months in construction — created by Demian.

The Voice of an Angel was voted “Best of the Week” at the New City Theater Director’s Festival in 1986.

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