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Blossom Close-Ups
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I started taking pictures when I was 12. My first love was stereoscopic imagery. Soon, however, I embraced many still and motion picture formats.

Sunflower, Butterworth Farm, Orange, Mass., circa 1975

Flower Power, circa 1975

Flower Burst, circa 1975

Poppy flower, 1999

Spider Mum, 1999

Berries, 1999

The 1975 shots are from 35mm transparencies shot with a Pentax 35mm SLR. Rather than scanned, the first two were copied via macro shots of the slides, taken a Nikon 950 digital camera. The poppy shot was scanned from a Cibachrome print I had made. The 1999 shot of berries was taken with the Nikon 950. All were retouched in PhotoShop.
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