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Script Doctor

Clarify and enhance your film or theater script.
This service is for scripts needing a seasoned writer / director / actor / newsletter and copy editor to give you feedback, as well as concrete suggestions for improvements.

I fix spelling, punctuation, and grammar. I look for plot holes, lost plot threads, and character consistency. I check for lengthy descriptions of camera angles and POV minutia, that can be converted into brief notes, and into the more useful, and meaningful, character dialogue.

I can suggest a log line for the script.

I read your script and tell you things your film and theater pals wouldn’t dare tell you.
Such as:

  • “What is the motivation for this person to get completely undressed?”
  • “The characters’ desperation needs to be expressed in the dialogue, not a stage direction.”
  • “There is a plot thread missing: Whatever the hell happened to Baby Jane?”
  • “This character is far too inconsistent, or is this a remake of ‘The Three Faces of Eve?’ ”
What I do is to make sure your script is ready to win contests, inspire producers, investors, directors, and cast members to attach to your project.


  • MS Word - I can make comments in the document - or text can be changed directly for grammar spelling and format.
  • PDF (Acrobat) - Your original text will not be changed, but comments can be made directly pointing to the text.
  • Sophocles (script formatting) - I will export the text and make comments in a Word document.
  • Hard copy, paper script - Mark-up is done directly to the script, which is then returned to you.
I read the script through once before making any suggestions. On subsequent readings, the comment process depends on the type of document you send me. For a Word document, for instance, I indicate deletion suggestions with a line-through — which looks like this: old text — and yellow marking indicating the replacement text.


  • Rate: $4 a page for fully written scripts. Fees negotiated for scripts needing major rewrites or development.
  • Send check or money order to Demian, Seattle, WA.
  • Sending your script file attached to an e-mail: demian@buddybuddy.com
  • If you send a hard copy paper script, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
Radio, Theater, Film and Video Scripts Written by Demian
My editing and writing experience includes making comments, suggestions, and extensive re-writes for numerous radio, theater, film and video productions. The range of productions include entertainment, documentary, promotional and corporate categories.

Produced Films and Videos written by Demian

Produced Theater Scripts Written by Demian Speculation Feature Film Scripts written by Demian
  • Space Opera (aka: Streaking Across the Universe)
       Sci-Fi / Political Musical Comedy
  • Detective Smoothies (aka: The Adventures of Squinch Ezzer and Skinny Flint: The Case of the Indiscriminate Pickpocket)
  • Gilgamesh & Enkidu
       Action-Adventure Drama
  • Phil’s Fortune
  • Summer Camp Job
  • Scaredy-Kate and the Monsters — or — How to Pay the Rent
       Children’s Marionette Opera - music by Joseph Haydn
  • Karmen
       Musical Sci-Fi Comedic Drama - music by Georges Bizet
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Sweet Corn
Founded by Demian in 1971, Sweet Corn Productions has developed and produced a broad range of video, film and radio drama, as well as live productions and workshops throughout New England, in San Francisco and Seattle.

Demian, has been a Photographer, Filmmaker, and Videographer since 1965. He has experience photographing drama, dance, mime, music, interviews, and documentaries. Demian has a Doctorate in Education, and is available for a free, initial consultation about your project, suggesting the most cost-effective technical solution.
Call Demian at 206-935-1206 to discuss how
Sweet Corn can serve your needs.
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