Sweet Corn Productions is devoted to highly entertaining
presentations that affirm self-esteem and social equality.

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Digital Recording and Editing Services

photo: Demian  
I offer superior recordings on the highest quality digital video,
digital still, and sound recording equipment.
I also edit videos, and retouch still images.
My favorite projects to work on are those that incorporate socially
progressive ideas, health, veganism, and promos for artists.

Video Recording
  • Recorded on High-Definition digital, using a micro 4:3 camera.
  • Utilizing professional lights, microphone, sound mixer, etc.
  • Camera stabilizers include: tripod, gimbal-based systems, crane, etc.
  • You get a copy on DVD, Blu-ray, VHS, S-VHS, or video-CD.
  • Video samples
Video Editing
  • Input Sources: SD card, many brands of digital movie cameras -
           Tape sources: DVcam, MiniDV, Hi-8, VHS, S-VHS, or any analog source.
  • Add Narration, music.
  • You get a copy on an SD card, DVD, Blu-ray, VHS, S-VHS, video-CD, or transfered from my FTP site.
  • Video samples
Digital Still Photography
  • Shot in my studio or in the greater Seattle area, using a micro 4:3 camera.
  • You get a copy print, file on disk, SD card, e-mailed attachement, or transfered from my FTP site.
  • Photography Gallery
Digital Still Retouching Sound Recording
  • Recorded with high quality microphones through a mixer onto a CD.
  • Dupe transfers from cassette, or reel-to-reel, onto a CD.
  • You get a copy on a CD, SD card, Audio Cassette Tape, or a file transfered from my FTP site.
  • Camera, Sound, or Editing services: $50/hr
  • Most shoots require a 3-hour minimum
  • Location shoots not at my studio require setup time of 45 minutes
Recording in My Studio

    “Scardey-Kate and the Monsters” temporarily hang in the bottom right
    photo: Demian  
  • Located just south of West Seattle in a (usually) quiet neighborhood.
  • The studio is about 22 x 18', with 8.5' to the ceiling.
  • Three banks of lights are mounted to the ceiling beams.
  • A green screen always hangs from the 22' wall, as well as a smaller grey paper roll.
Video Audition Production - Special Low Rate for Performers
  • Recorded at my studio just southwest of Seattle.
  • You bring your well-prepared (up-to-5-minute) audition piece, and up-to-10 head shots.
  • Coaching and re-writes from Demian while making the video.
  • Resulting in a high quality, up-to-7-minute Audition Promotional Video.
  • You get a copy on DVD, Blu-ray, or SD Card, and a Web-ready video mp4 file.
  • $150 total.
  • Process will take at least 4 hours.

Sweet Corn
“Sweet Corn Productions is devoted to highly entertaining presentations that affirm self-esteem and social equality.” - Demian, director
Founded by Demian in 1971, Sweet Corn Productions has developed and produced a broad range of video, film and radio drama, as well as live productions and workshops throughout New England, in San Francisco and Seattle.

Demian, has been a Photographer, Filmmaker, and Videographer since 1965. He has experience photographing drama, dance, mime, music, interviews, and documentaries. Demian has a Doctorate in Education, and is available for a free, initial consultation about your project, suggesting the most cost-effective technical solution.
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