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Demian’s Acting Résumé
Seattle, WA

tenor, 5' 10'', 157 pounds,
hazel eyes,
gray hair & beard,
bald top

neck: 15 - sleeve: 33
chest: 38 - coat: 42
waist: 37 - leg: 32
shoe: 10 - hat: 7¼
This résumé spans more than 40 years of involvement in the performing arts.
The following list includes Film, Television, Theater, and Radio roles.

Film & Television Roles

The Perilous Fight:
America’s World War II in Color
Voice-overs for Two Soldiers PBS
Life or Something Like It Bar Patron
(holding door open for Angelina Jolie)
Rose Red 1906 Workman ABC
Criminal Opportunities
in Seattle

(original title: Cons)
Police Officer
(Speaking, plus four more extra roles)
Kelly Abbott’ Bursting Universe Productions
Cold Feet Pike Market Shopper, etc. Kerry Erhin Productions
Emerald’s City A “White Goth” Shoestring Productions
Fetch & Sit The Master (aka Herr Doktor)
(speaking role)
Ipse Dixit Films
Book of Stars Homeless Religious Fanatic/Crazy Person Book of Stars, LLC
An Upstanding Citizen Hospital Vigil Member King Tel Pro for
The Lifeline Channel
Unnatural History Nostradamus Dove/Four Point for
The Learning Channel
Prefontaine Airline Ticket Attendant Run & Gun Films
Pandora’s Clock Air Controller Citadel Entertainment
Northern Exposure Cicely Citizen Pipeline Productions
Perspectives on the Martial Arts Narrator,
T’ai Chi Demonstrator
“NightShift,” Boston
Theater Roles
Once Upon a Mattress
(Rodgers, Barer)
The Moon, Queen, Princess, Prince
(Puppet creation, puppeteer)
ArtsWest Playhouse
Sweet Corn Concert Series Singing, reading and skits
Sweet Corn Productions
Scaredy-Kate and the Monsters
How to Pay the Rent

(Demian, music by Hayden)
The Dragon
(Co-producing, direction, writing, singing, puppet creation, puppeteer)
Sweet Corn Productions
Inseparable Pieces:
A Sequence of Power Plays

Irish Mother, Boss, etc.
(Producing, directing, writing, singing)
Sweet Corn Productions
Assorted Shelters -or- Do You Have Nightmares
When You Sleep on Your Back?

Mr. Boss, the Hunter, etc.
(Producing,directing, writing, singing)
Sweet Corn Productions
It’s Like A …
(Ausubel, Edelson)
The Beggar
(50% improvisation)
Caravan Theater
Alice in Wonderland
(adapted from Caroll)
Humpty Dumpty
(Puppet creation, puppeteer)
Amherst College
The Tempest
(Calabrese, adapted from Shakespeare)
The Father Calabrese Players
The Three Penny Opera
(Brecht/Blitzstein, Weill)
Police Chief Brown
U. Mass. Music Theater
(Jarry, music by Jim Steinman)
Multiple characters
(Producing, directing, singing, puppet creation, puppeteer)
Sweet Corn Productions
The Firstborn
Rameses (the firstborn) Dramaturgy Guild
Words Upon the Windowpane
The Priest
(I was 20 when playing this 60-year-old)
Phoenix Players
The Glass Menagerie
Tom Wingfield Mascart Players
The King and I
(Rodgers, Hammerstein II)
Sir Edward Ramsey Newton Playhouse
You Can’t Take It With You
(Hart, Kaufman)
Paul Sycamore Newton Playhouse
Radio & Audio Taped Roles

130 Public Affairs Programs
Host and Producer WMUA (Amherst)
WBUR (Boston)
Wedding on the Eiffel Tower
The Photographer, Lion, etc. Sweet Corn Productions
One Way For Another
Party Guest Sweet Corn Productions
New Year’s Eve Party Father Time, improvisation WMUA (Amherst, Mass.)
Numerous Slide/Tape Presentations narration U. Mass. Adult Education
Demian for KUOW
Speculation promo for radio station KUOW
narration Sweet Corn Productions
Demian’s Directing Résumé in Video, Film, Theater, Radio, and Theater Workshops
Special Skills
Directing, Puppetry (and the funny voices that go with them), Puppet Creation, Improvisation, some American Sign Language, Photography and Illustration, T’ai Chi, Script Doctor, Watch Repair, Videography, Computer Wiz, Web site Programming, Rabbit Wrangler.
  • Ed.D. and M.Ed., University of Massachusetts
    (Doctoral thesis based on leading 130 theater workshops)
  • B.F.A., Massachusetts College of Art (painting major)
  • Theater and movement workshops with Carolee Schneeman and Yvonne Rainer
  • Theater workshops with The Open Theater, Manhattan Project, and The Living Theater
  • Certificate in Clock and Watch Repair, San Francisco Community College
  • FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit
Frap-a-chinos? Sorry, these drinks do not have pants.
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