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Retouched Image Samples
Demian’s Digital Magic on Still Images
When images are sent to me for use on the Web sites I program, they always need to be retouched. Even those that are professionally produced require re-sizing, sharpening to make up for the details lost when shrunk, color balancing, and cropping.

Sometimes retouching is extensive in order to shift focus or remove distracting elements. The following images demonstrate the extent to which retouching can alter an image and enhance impact.

Show Publicity I — Ray Oriel, Nick Salamone in “Barefoot Boy with Shoes On”
Source image by Ed Kreiger
Re-imaged by Demian
Darkened background
Balanced contrast

Show Publicity II — David Forster in “Do You Know the Way to Ballarat?”
Source images by unknown
Re-imaged by Demian
Dodged shadows
Added road sign to tell story

Show Publicity III — Tim Spires, Chris Babiarz, Pam Adams, Katy Conley, Kelly Kiorpes in “Dutch Love”
Source image by Steve Noll
Re-imaged by Demian
Color and darkened background
Balanced color and contrast
Removed shinny surfaces from glasses, eyes, foreheads

Show Publicity IV — Mario Marchiaro in “I Didn’t Break a Leg”
Source image by Ken Dorr
Re-imaged by Demian
Reframed, add space to the right
Balanced contrast, enhanced costume
Added spotlight beam

Show Publicity V — Adam Huss, Ken Barnett, Rex Lee in “The Id and Bob”
Source image by Michael Lamont
Re-imaged by Demian
Reframed, adding space and color
Balanced contrast, enhanced colors
Darkened background, removed shirt graphic

Show Publicity VI — Michael Penny, Tim Barnard, Monique, Kevin Garofalo in “Over the Rainbows”
Source images by Derek Cousins
Re-imaged by Demian
Reframed, overlapped the actors
Balanced contrast, enhanced colors
Lightened dark facial shadows
Filled in blasted-out skin tones

Show Publicity VII — Jeffrey Hartgraves in “Shark Bites”
Source image: Kent Taylor / poster: Brian Chavez
Re-imaged by Demian
Removed lettering in poster
Grayed-out poster
Removed background from portrait
Placed portrait over poster

Show Publicity VIII — Iker Ortiz de Zarate in “De Profundis”
Source image: unknown
Re-imaged by Demian
Added color, texture

Spa and Sun Room I — for New England Spas and Sunrooms
Source image
Re-imaged by Demian
Removed couch, lamp stand, wood post on spa
Constructed new tub wall, windows, floor
Removed flash glare on glass and wood surfaces
Added rubber duckie and its reflection

Spa and Sun Room II — for New England Spas and Sunrooms
Source image
Re-imaged by Demian
Blurred distracting window views
Changed the chair color
Removed ends of drapes and many small objects

Hot Tub — for New England Spas and Sunrooms
Source image
Re-imaged by Demian
Removed extensive surface mold from print
Added new background on left due to frame shift
Sharpened details
Balanced color and contrast
Eliminated foreground pipe
Constructed part of lady’s arm, snow, etc.

Editing services: $50/hr.

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