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Goddess Ravenna Ravine - 2004
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The Goddess Ravenna Ravine cordially invited all friends of the earth to her 16th celebration, traditionally held on the first Sunday in May. This year the parade and potluck occurred on May 2, 2004.

About 90 people assembled in Cowan Park, in Seattle, Washington. They came from all over Puget Sound, Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, B.C. Mostly comprised of Radical Faeries, the group participated in a ceremony designed to worship the Goddess, and to bring blessings to all participants.

From the Depths of the Ravine

Entering the Circle of Worshipers

Worshiping the Goddess

Purple Mark

Goddess Leads Worshipers into the Ravine for a Blessing

Ready to Follow the Goddess to the Secret Place

Remembrance of Goddess Past

Another Aspect of Goddess

Starting the Maypole

Unwinding from the Maypole

Just an Average Potluck

The images on this page were all shot using a Fuji S602 zoom digital camera. They are transferred from the cameraís storage media, a mini-hard drive, directly into the computer via an USB port. PhotoShop retouching.
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