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Life or Something Like It
Demianís Theater & Film Roles
Demian plays a bar patron who gallantly holds the door
for Angelina Jolie and Melissa Errico.

In Life or Something Like It, Demian leaves the Icon Grill, just as Angelina Jolie and Melissa Errico walk in. He holds the door for them. Itís a tough job, but somebodyís got to do it. And it all happens in about eight seconds.

Angelina Jolie, Melissa Errico, and Demian inside the Icon Grill.

Demian outside the Icon Grill.
photo: Demian
Life or Something Like It is the story about reporter, Lanie Kerrigan (Jolie), who interviews a psychic homeless man (Tony Shalhoub) for what she thinks will be a shallow article about a football game. Instead, he shocks her by telling her that her life has no meaning, and is going to end in just a few days. She commits herself to changing the patterns of her life.

The film is directed by Stephen Herek with writing credits to John Scott Shepherd and Dana Stevens. It was shot in Seattle in April 2001.

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