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A Short Fantasy
Written and Directed by Demian

Bonnie Bainbridge

A sweet sprite glides through the gray streets of a waterfront cityscape.
Her legs do not move as she wafts through the various locations.

LEGGO utilizes the technique of “pixilation” — a form of animation that uses people or objects rather than drawing on cells. The entire film was shot one frame at a time. The sprite, Bonnie Bainbridge, was required to move from one place to another — keeping the arc of her movement — all the while making sure that her feet moved only between the individual frame shots. That is to say, she would not be shot when her feet moved, only when she had come to a stop at her next position. This provided the illusion that she was gliding, rather than walking, over the concrete.

LEGGO was shot in New York City on 16mm film in the winter of 1968. The original edit, finished that year, was accepted and shown at many festivals and screenings during the next three years.

The current version of LEGGO was copied from the original film onto digital video. It was then re-edited, and a new sound track was created. It was completed in October 2001 and runs 3:17 min., about three minutes shorter than the original.

This short is available — along with 20 more of Demian’s short films
and excerpts on “Demian’s Film & Video Projects” DVD.

These shorts represent more than 40 years of moving-picture artistic endeavors. This archive DVD includes 21 of Demian’s short films, and excerpts from larger projects.

More on this DVD’s contents: Demian’s Film & Video Projects

“Demian’s Film & Video Projects” DVD
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This short is also available with other filmmaker’s
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